Sunday, February 8, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Hitler on Auschwitz

The Judeo-Nazi Matrix has made its reputation by propagating the outrageous lie that Adolf Hitler promulgated the Final Solution to exterminate the Jews. New evidence has come to light demolishing that cherished myth of Jews, the Christian Right, and other assorted fools who believe Jewish lies.
At a presentation to the Institute of Historical Review, perhaps in 2005, historian David Irving presented the astounding revelations of surviving transcripts from a January 19, 1945 meeting of Hitler and his general staff, in whose presence was Heinz Guderian. The German general informed Hitler that Auschwitz had been taken by the Red Army, to which Hitler replied, "Yes," then moved on to more pressing matters.
Is Yes all that the alleged promulgator of the Final Solution could muster on news that the plan's alleged crown jewel had been taken over by the Soviets? A measly, pitiful, plaintive, Yes? Yes means that Auschwitz wasn't even a pimple on a gnat's ass in the eyes of Hitler.
Of course there has never been any documentation substantiating the existence of a Final Solution, or that if one existed that it involved the murder of Jews. No, even Israelis in the early 1960s admitted the absence of such evidence.
With the latest revelation from Irving, it becomes abundantly and absolutely clear that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, and that the Jews put together an extraordinary lie in fabricating out of whole cloth the hoax of the holocaust.
For those who are unaware, Irving is an historian's historian. Whereas most professional historians are access journalists engaged in an incestuous series of trysts republishing each others' works, Irving has spent decades poring over original documents to construct a more faithful version of history, devoid of the propagandistic lies of the Ziocon lobby. For that we salute you, Mr Irving, even though in today's Germany you would have been sentenced to prison for uttering the truth.
David Irving, The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History, filmed at the Institute for Historical Review, nd, published by Per Jensen on YouTube, accessed 2/8/2015
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