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David Rockefeller and the Assassination of John Kennedy

When we discovered an article delineating the many Rockefeller links to the principal architects and builders of the murder of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza, we felt vindicated in our thesis that David Rockefeller was one of the eminences grises of the crime.
Most who visit our chronicles are well aware of the following quote from the traitor David Rockefeller, published in his 2002 autobiography:
"Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."
It is thus no stretch of the imagination that someone who hates the United States so deeply and profoundly as Rockefeller would participate in the murder of its president. Without any loyalties of substance to the United States, its government and laws would only seem a nuisance to the all powerful Rockefellers.
Many have written of the Rockefeller control of both political parties, Phyllis Schafly being one such early opponent who recognized the crass contempt with which the Rockefellers manipulated both parties to govern the nation in their best interests.
During the divorce trial of Winthrop Rockefeller, the man who had the largest homosexual porn collection in the world, his ex-wife recounted how the Rockefeller brothers would sit around 1-2 times per year to figure out how Nelson could become president without an election.
Such an opportunity arose in 1963 when they participated in the assassination of a sitting president. While the smoking gun of Rockefeller involvement is not at hand, forensically sound evidence is available intimately linking David Rockefeller to the crime of the century.
The argument rests upon relationships which Rockefeller had with the known principals of the murder. In particular, Rockefeller had exceptionally close relationships with the following individuals: Lyndon Johnson, Allen Dulles, John J McCloy, and C Douglas Dillon.
We have written elsewhere about the close association of Lyndon Johnson and David Rockefeller, a relationship close enough that Rockefeller would have endorsed Johnson for the presidency in 1968, a subject which came up at the not infrequent dinners the 2 parties had.
It is well established that Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy, with the largest debate centering on the extent of Johnson’s involvement. His famous duck in his limousine prior to the outbreak of sniper bullets is proof that he had advance knowledge, while the various schemes Johnson orchestrated to bring Kennedy to Dallas is proof of participation in the murder to say nothing of the cover-up.
For the planning and cover-up, 2 men closely associated with Rockefeller, the aforementioned Dillon and Dulles, warrant further scrutiny for their relationships to Rockefeller. These relationships are foundational to understanding the command and control exerted by Rockefeller in the murder of Kennedy.
Dillon was a close friend and confidante of David, knowing him as far back as their days at Pine Lodge School, and later Harvard. Dillon was the son of the founder of Dillon, Read, the famous and highly profitable bond broker whose international business network was legendary. Closer to Laurance than to David, Dillon was vice chairman of the powerful Council on Foreign Relations and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, both important Rockefeller enterprises.
As Secretary of Treasury from 1961-65, Dillon was the authority over the Secret Service which played an indispensible role in murdering President Kennedy. Without their feigned negligence and active involvement in the murder and cover-up, the assassination project would have failed utterly.
Dillon went so far as to lie about Kennedy’s preference for no Secret Service agents, a lie which he told to the Warren Commission, and was later contradicted by one of his own agents James Rowley.
But what’s a few lies among friends? On the Warren Commission were 2 other Rockefeller associates – John J McCloy and Allen Dulles. McCloy was chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank from 1953-60, the bank whose chairman was Rockefeller’s Uncle Winthrop Aldrich when he gave Rockefeller his start in business.
McCloy was also chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1954-70. But McCloy’s most important role was as member of the Allen Dulles run Warren Commission, the vile assemblage of traitors who covered-up the murder of the president by the Rockefeller men.
Allan Dulles’ connections to Rockefeller are just as strong, first through the elite law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell which advised the Rockefeller oil interests, and later through the CIA. But John Foster Dulles, brother of Allen, was a Rockefeller in-law, ties which were cemented through the intelligence work which both Rockefeller and Dulles were deeply tied.
When Dulles set up one of the offices of the Office of Strategic Services, he chose Rockefeller Center from which time David Rockefeller was extensively briefed on covert operations as they were often in support of family business. Many CIA operations ran through the Chase Manhattan Bank including the 1953 Iranian coup which gave American oil companies the bulk of Iran’s oil.
It was the CIA, working closely with Mossad, David Ben Gurion, and Rothschild family which murdered Kennedy - the agency over which Dulles ruled, and from which Kennedy fired him for his Bay of Pigs failures.
David Rockefeller admitted in his own biography that his family was part of a secret cabal to overthrow the United States government, a fact of which he was proud. Rockefeller’s closest personal and business ties were to men who served on the Warren Commission, two of whose most important members - Dulles and McCloy - were Rockefeller acolytes. Finally, David maintained close relations with Kennedy murderer Lyndon Johnson, and his ace Secret Service secretary Dillon, all of whose policies benefited first and foremost the oil, arms, and money machines of the Rockefeller empire.
Do not for a minute think that anti-trust diluted Rockefeller wealth or power, a fact which Gary Allen copiously documented. The wealth reported for David Rockefeller is a carefully constructed lie as it represents just the tip of a massive iceberg.
It is plainly evident that private citizen David Rockefeller, with ties so close to US intelligence that he commanded extensive briefings on its covert operations, was not only part of this secret cabal as he admitted, but that he was one of the silent partners in the murder of President Kennedy with a little help from his friends Dillon, Dulles, McCloy, and Johnson.
Morgan Reynolds, The Assassination of JFK, 9/11 and David Rockefeller, No More Games . Net, June 1, 2009, accessed 2/21/2015

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cynthia taylor said...

Absolutely true. I know a man who is on retainer who was on the Turner Joy Destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin who told me we were never attacked. Another Johnson lie. William Mac Wallace was the shooter in the upstairs book depository. His thumb print was found there and he shot JFK in the back with a Houser. William Mac Wallace killed LBJ's sister along with 49 other people for LBJ. LBJ just like Dick Cheney is a sociopath. It was Cheney and Bush Jr. who took down the Twin Towers and killed all of those Americans in order to stop NESARA that was scheduled to release and download all of the codes to all of the banks. Scheduled that very morning but was prempted by the explosions. This act of murderous treason also opened up a false reason to steal the oil from IRAQ and open the doors to destabilize 7 Middle Eastern countries in order to take their oil. Look up Wesley Clark on YouTube. He shows you a document that Bush had to take down Hussein in January of 2001 well ahead of 9/11.