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The Judeo-Nazi Complex and Winston Churchill

It may seem passing strange to Americans lobotomized by education and mass media that Jews and Nazis are the same thing, but it is essentially correct, although certain nuances need to be acknowledged in painting a complete picture of the identity. In this article we examine Jewish control of Winston Churchill.
Several independent sources are now flowing into a large river of knowledge to confirm our view, sketched in bits and pieces, that Jews established Nazism, having succeeded with Bolshevism, in order to create a the foil against which they played rise to global domination following World War 2.
The means was to create a profound victimhood for themselves from which they could mercilessly milk concession after concession -and ultimately worship - as they brutally conquered the world with their lies and deceit.
One of these sources is the historian David Irving whose description of Winston Churchill’s rise to power we recently uncovered. The short videographed answer to a question about Churchill’s connection to Judaism is succinctly outlined to explain why Churchill was the major aggressor of World War 2, even though in fact his Jewish paymasters were the higher order villains.
As way of background, it is important to understand that Jewish banksters, such as those at the Warburg firms, JP Morgan interests, Averell Harriman, and others worked closely with German industrialists to establish Adolph Hitler in Germany.
They had already captured Josef Stalin in the Jewish Revolution of October 1917. And they also owned Franklin Roosevelt as 1 or 2 of his Supreme Court appointments show. Thus the Jews controlled each of the leaders who were principal antagonists of the second world war.
So on the allied side, Jewish banksters controlled Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt, and on the Axis side, they had engineered Hitler’s rise to power, although they did not control him quite as they did the Allies.
After the war, the Zionists invented the holocaust lie from which they have elevated themselves to a god to be worshipped, just as their rabbis teach that Goy (Gentiles, cattle) are to be destroyed and the survivors to be enslaved. This is the reason Zionists destroyed Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, United Kingdom, and the United States - all nettlesome gentile nations, usually Christian, who got too big for their britches.
Returning to Irving’s discovery of Churchill’s Jewish fealty, he notes that Churchill had been bought out by the Zionists prior to his ascendancy to the Prime Ministership, as evidenced by his ability to support a lavish estate with large staff working only as a newspaper reporter earning 500 pounds per year, and Member of Parliament.  The main group sponsoring Churchill was the Jewish group Focus, who financed his lavish lifestyle in return for political homage.
Following a number of emoluments, to be understood as bribes, especially in 1936, Churchill begins an endless clamor for war, having rarely paid Germany any attention previously. One of Churchill’s handlers was Ernest Cassel, a Rothschild man, who continuously urged Churchill into war.
Irving cites papers and correspondence from Chaim Weitzman which confirm that Zionists interests were pulling his chain to which Churchill immediately responded.
One such yank was to refuse the peace offerings of Hitler before World War 2 became World War 2. In so following his greed, Churchill destroyed the British Empire, one of the aims of the Zionists.
It is now abundantly clear that Zionist links connect Churchill to the Rothschilds, and that they demanded that he go to war. His main task, then, was to bring Roosevelt into the war, the latter being the sock puppet of Bernard Baruch and Felix Frankfurter.
The main point to understand is that the Zionists employed full dominance spectrum - as the Ziocon owned Department of Defense puts it - to control the war and its outcome by owning both sides of the conflict. War is a great psychological operation which yields great benefits to its controllers.
Nazism is alive and well, and so are its founders, the Zionists.

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