Monday, February 2, 2015

How US Government Hijacked the 9/11 Planes

The urgently insisted story that a bunch of lightweight Arabs overpowered 4 combat trained airline pilots on the morning of September 11, 2001 in order to crash them into the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, has been exposed as another Judeo-Nazi lie, in a string of them stretching back to the Holocaust Hoax and beyond.
The official lie of the US government concerning the commandeering of 4 Boeing jet airliners for an assault on the United States is as preposterous and laughable as the Single Bullet Theory. It is beyond the pale for the Dick Cheney led government to claim that a rag tag band of Arabs armed with box cutters could possibly outwit and outmaneuver well trained pilots.
Not only have we reported the physical impossibility of an airliner to perform the stunt claimed for it against the Pentagon, but absolutely no planes crashed into the World Trade Center, or into a small 10' x 15' pit in Shanksville, PA.
We have uncovered compelling evidence that the means of hijacking all 4 planes was through the Flight Termination System, a highly sophisticated computerized flight system which essentially eliminated all hijackings of American flights since the early 1970s.
Then all of a sudden, on a single day, we are supposed to believe that a rash of hijackings suddenly broke out at the same time in 3 different locales. The truth is that traitors in NORAD or the FAA took over the planes, bringing them to a military air hangar for hiding. It is from this location that some passengers were compelled to make bizarre scripted phone calls for dramatic effect on the Jew controlled media which cooperated with the Judeo-Nazis and US traitors who planned and executed 9/11.
Further substantiating this hypothesis is the complete absence of manifests or authentic video documenting Arab boarders on any of the flights. Most significantly, none of the pilots triggered the hijacked code, something which they would have done without thinking if their cabins had been under attack.
Finally, the notion that the alleged Arabs who hijacked 4 airliners when they could not even fly Cessnas is a complete Jewish government hoot.
Dov Zakheim, the traitorous Jewish rabbi who was comptroller of the Pentagon when he staged the attacks with the Bush Crime Syndicate and Benjamin Netanyahu, owned the company which made the FTS, enabling the easy compromise of the system which takes over jet airliners by ground controllers. Zakheim is also the comptroller who is believed to have embezzled 2.3 trillion USD which scandal conveniently disappeared when he blew up the Pentagon.
The Jew Daniel Lewin was the famed occupant of seat 9B on one of the flights who oversaw the hijacking of the planes.
After the planes were hijacked, and the telephone calls made, CIA-Mossad murdered most of the passengers. The planes were most likely taken to Marana air field in Arizona, where traitor John McCain guaranteed that they would never be found or investigated.
Many of the above points were promulgated in a blockbuster novel written by Rebekah Roth in her novel Methodical Illusion. As a former stewardess, she had contacts and first hand observations which allowed her to connect the many dots which the government used to fabricate its epic lies about 9/11.
It is entirely possible that the 4 flights never took off, but assuming that they did, Roth's theory is the most credible one to explain the hijacking of the airplanes.
Kevin Barrett, Airline Whistle Blower Solves 9/11, Veterans Today, January 31, 2015,, accessed 2/1/2015.
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