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Willie: US Coup Imminent

Economics analyst Dr Jim Willie reported that his sources are informing him that the US military is ready to extinguish before the end of 2014 the presidency of the person known as Barack Hussein Obama.
We predicted at the beginning of this year that the United States would cease to exist by the end of 2014, with very little in evidence to vindicate that prediction. However, Willie informed listeners of Tru News  on December 4 that some of his sources are warning of a US military coup. He took pains to note that he could not substantiate the rumor.
While the reports of a military takeover cannot be confirmed, certain signs point to such a conclusion. Military coups are rather commonplace in the Americas because a country's leadership is so corrupt and economic conditions so dire that military intervention is regarded as the only treatment of the problem.
With 18 trillion dollars in debt and no pretense of a debt ceiling to curb spending, the United States is precisely the banana republic it has frequently derided its southern neighbors of being. The civil unrest in the wake of criminal police forces' operations in Florida, Ferguson, and New York City speak of the deep corruption in US politics, and the inauguration of the Communist totalitarian state.
The destruction of the US balance sheet has been in the making since the establishment of the Federal Reserve Board in 1913, but has accelerated during the Bush-Obama years. Leading foreign powers tiring of the irresponsible profligacy of the United States through its exorbitant privilege of having the world's reserve currency, have taken steps to segregate the United States' foreign held dollars from the domestic dollar in order to make way for a new gold trade standard, possibly modeled on the pre-1914 protocols.
This move threatens the Western financial plutocrats who have ruled the roost since the Jews created the Bank of England in 1694, with the Rothschild's United States colony being the latest instrument of its will. They have sought desperate measures, including the take over of Ukraine, to instigate war as a means of diverting attention from their criminal enterprises. Attempts to start wars in Iran, Syria, and Ukraine, while partially successful, have failed to materialize as full blown conflagrations.
While the real threat to the Rothschild Satanists, and their colonies of the United States and Israel, is the emergence of a gold trading standard, it is these criminals who instigated 9/11 as a means of destroying the United States. Their installation of Obama as another puppet president - all since Wilson - with the exception of Kennedy - have been Rothschild-Rockefeller puppets - was their final attempt to economically destroy the United States in a prelude to the New World Order - a government which both George Bush, Sr and Vice President Biden have hailed. Heinz Kissinger has recently urged the establishment of the New World Order.
Obama promised in early 2009 "trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see" as a means of financially destroying the United States in accord with his orders from the Bush Crime Syndicate's CIA and Mossad - both organizations constituents of the Rothschild plutocracy.
Tru News host Rick Wiles reported that he interviewed a Russian official in July 2001 who warned that 9/11 was inevitable because this very banking cabal which installed "Obama" also planned the attacks on New York City.
While the Bush-Obama administrations have purged hundreds of senior military officers, the military nonetheless may be ready to intervene in domestic political matters. Although Willie seems to think that it could be salutary, we disagree categorically because once the precedent has been set, it can never be unset.
The editors of Veterans Today believe that the recent purges have been beneficial since they have removed Jewish and American traitors who have used their positions to steal nuclear weapons which they have used in the Middle East, New York City, and Oklahoma City.
There is thus a significant difference between Willie's and Veterans Today's interpretation of the military purges, but to believe that Obama is basically a good guy gone astray is naïve and ludicrous at best - a position often voiced at VT.
The basic problem with Obama is that he is a Rothschild-Jewish tool to destroy the United States. Therefore his purging of military officers cannot, in most cases, be seen as beneficial. Contrary to Willie's naïve optimism, a coup will not have any benefits except to remove an imposter who cannot even pass e-Verify checks.
Nevertheless, Willie's sources within the Department of Homeland Security - a Nazi front - have confirmed that Obama is a CIA tool. Willie also noted that after a golfing orgy, the Rothschild puppet has isolated himself from staff and advisors, breaking out into yelling fits reminiscent of those alleged of Nixon in the waning days of his presidency.
The story is that Obama will be gone by the end of the year, his tantrums being evidence of notice given him. On the other hand, it must be noted that Willie's predictions have frequently been overstated.
Several important predictions he has made have failed to materialize. His calls on the resignation of Angela Merkel, the incineration of Deutsche Bank, the collapse of Morgan Stanley, and the explosion of the gold price are a few of his failed soothsayings. Nevertheless, we have to concur that a banana republic is as a banana republic does, with no promising future for the country.
On the other hand, Putin has finally accused the United States of attempting to destroy his country, a theme which Willie has pushed for many months. He also began talking of de-dollarization and the BRICS development bank long before it hit the CIA controlled press.
Regardless of the tally in Wilie's win-loss record, we agree that the hand writing is on the wall, and that prudence requires preparation.

Interview with Jim Willie, Tru News, 12/4/2014, accessed 12/7/2014
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