Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ukraine Downing of MH-17 Was Botched Attempt on Putin

Vladislav Voloshin
The July 17, 2014 downing of a civilian Malaysian aircraft over Ukraine was most likely a failed attempt to murder Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin.
Breaking news from John Robles, a correspondent seeking political asylum abroad in flight from the United States for his intrepid reporting on the US-Israeli war in Ukraine, reveals that Vladislav Voloshin was the murderer of 298 civilians of 10 different nationalities, the largest group by far being Dutch and Malaysian nationals.
The information of Voloshin's murder of civilians under orders from the CIA and Ukraine government was provided by a still anonymous witness who worked at the airport near Dnepropetrovsk where the Ukrainian pilot's plane was stationed.
According to the witness, the pilot deplaned with visible fear, stating that he hit the wrong plane, quoting him as saying '"The plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time."'
The airspace over Ukraine was quite busy that day. Contrary to the persistent lies of the Ukrainian government, sorties were flying in and out of the airport that day, as they had nearly all days before and after the mass murder.
Ukraine launched 3 SU-25 fighters in the immediate vicinity of the civilian flight, a fact corroborated by Russian sources with tangible evidence to substantiate their claims, according to Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov.
The Russians have photographs showing a Ukrainian SU-25 gaining altitude over the Boeing 777 civilian aircraft, prior to firing an air to air missile at it. According to previous reports from these Chronicles, the aircraft was also strafed with the heavy anti-aircraft munitions.
We reported previously that Russian president Putin's airplane was within a few miles of the MH-17, meaning that Voloshin's assignment was murder Putin. That would have been the "right" plane.
Robles notes that these new revelations do not undermine earlier reports that embalmed bodies were recovered at the crash site. It is not clear to us how many of the passengers were corpses and how many were alive at the time of the mass murder.
Two of the 3 SU-25s did not return. We speculate that they were shot down to give Voloshin plausible deniability about being under attack, and more importantly, to silence witnesses who knew about the deliberate attack on an unarmed aircraft.
The story of the MH-17 is very much alive as a failed attempt by the CIA, Israel, and Ukraine to foment World War 3.
John Anthony Robles II, MH-17 Shot Down by Ukraine: Was it a failed CIA assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin?, www.jar2.com, December 23, 2014, accessed 12/23/2014
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