Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Illuminati Council of 13 Members Revealed

Writing in Veterans Today, journalist Stew Webb revealed members of the Illuminati Council of 13 who meet twice a year in Denver during the summer and winter solstices to practice child sacrifice.
The astonishing roster includes household named politicians along with more obscure figures who, though invisible, are very powerful people in US and world governments.
The Satanists include George Bush, Sr., Henry Kissinger, Leonard and Elaine Millman, Larry Mizel, Meyer Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Answar Ben Shari, Bill Grace, Paul Warburg, Pope Benedict, Patrick Wu, and a couple of unnamed members.
Webb is a whistleblower who attempted to report the child sacrifices to the FBI, but soon discovered that the agency is the major protector of these criminals who engage in pedophilia sex as pre-parties for their rituals which occur between 12:00AM - 3:00AM in Denver.
One of the FBI agents protecting the Satanists is Mark Hostlaw, stationed at the Denver FBI office in 2001.
Webb mentioned 3 key locations including The Navarre, Brown Palace Hotel, and Brinker Collegiate Institute, as points of entry and practice of these foul rituals where kidnapped children are sacrificed in Satanic rituals. Anthony Lavey, son of Satanist Anton Lavey, was castrated at age 12 at one of these rituals .
The Satanists are involved with criminal organizations such as AIPAC, Simon Weisenthal Center, Israel's Chief Rabbi, the Roman Catholic Church, ADL, and Southern Poverty Law Center.
Leonard Millman warrants a special call out as one of the chief financiers of 9/11 through his Waymark Foundation, using Jack Abramoff  and Hank Greenberg of AIG bailout fame.

Stew Webb, Illuminati Council of 13 Human Sacrifice Denver Colorado Dec 20-21, Veterans Today, December 21, 2014, accessed 12/24/2014

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