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Why Are the Jews After North Korea?

We'll cut to the chase to state our view that The Interview incident was yet another Jewish false flag operation whose insinuations bode ill for the sitting US president.
Professor Jim Fetzer prompted some thoughts on the implications of the recent hacking fiasco of SONY's computer systems when he opined that it could be related to the patsification of North Korea in a Jewish plot to murder the president. His conclusion that it represents a step in the assassination of "Barack Obama" by Israel is very plausible scenario.
Before we get to that, we have to clarify what SONY is. SONY stands for Standard Oil of New York and is not a Japanese firm as many think. It is a Rockefeller firm dating back to the end of World War 2. Over the years, SONY has made many investments in the US, including entertainment.
However, there seems to be a split in what SONY Japan wants, and what SONY Hollywood (Israel) wants. It is evident to one and all that Hollywood and all major news networks are controlled by Jews. It would be one of their hallmarks to make a comedy about the murder of a head of state, something with which they have great familiarity as we explain below.
Recently "Obama" has christened himself the soul Jew, much as Bill Clinton claimed to be the first black president. This identification by "Obama" was a signal that he is still supporting the Jewish agenda after giving it short shrift, and calling mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu a "chickenshit."
The ironic thing about "Obama's" self appellation is that it is entirely correct insofar as his Jewishness is concerned. His mother is Jo Ann Newman, a Jewish terrorist who is on the FBI's Most Wanted list, but who is living in the White House with her son. Thus "Obama" is a complete Manchurian Candidate of Jewish concoction.
The editor of The Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, has called for the assassination of "Barack Obama" with the use of Mossad agents stationed in the US. The US is more heavily infested with Jewish saboteurs than it ever was with Soviet at the height of the cold war. In fact former "Obama" chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel is or was head of North American Mossad operations.
Was Adler speaking in a moment of fugue? We believe so. When Netanyahu responded to the "Obama" official who made the "chickenshit" remark, he darkly intoned before Knesset that "Obama" was not immune from Grassy Knoll syndrome, the location from which one of President Kennedy's assassins was stationed. Thus both Adler and Netanyahu have declared a death sentence on the American president.
But this returns them to the murderer David Ben-Gurion who, acting on orders from Rothschild Satanists, deployed Israeli forces to assist the CIA in murdering the president. More than likely it was the Rothschilds who ordered Kennedy murdered when he refused to supply the Jewish terrorist state with nuclear weapons and secrets.
Fetzer's premonition regarding ill winds in "Obama's" future coincides with Dr Jim Willie's predictions that "Obama" would not survive the end of the month of the December. With so few days left, that prediction is losing value faster than a call option on expiry week. However, the themes are reinforcing.
But what have the North Koreans to do with this? Well, every murder needs a patsy. While it would seem laughable that the North Koreans could be blamed for murdering the president when Mossad was actually its perpetrators, it could be the case that a political problem with North Korea could "escalate out of control" providing the pretext for the Secret Service and Mossad to murder the president "in times of national threat." Or, they could send him packing for some other reason - like throat cancer.
Fetzer cites numerous international computer security experts who have stated nearly in unison that North Korea lacks the technical capabilities to carry out so sophisticated and extensive a cyber assault as was inflicted on SONY. In fact, he quoted Kurt Stammberger, vice president of Norse, as stating that the hack job could have only occurred from within, and probably by a woman named "Lena."
This false flag then gave "Obama" and FBI the ammunition to demonize North Korea more than they have done already. The Jews has always seen the North Koreans as the perfect patsy due to their complete vilification. However, it was the Jewish navy which sunk the South Korean ship Cheonan in 2010 - Not the North Koreans as the Jew controlled press has vociferously stated. So they have returned to their first watering hole, so to speak. But Cass Sunstein has assured us all that there are no such things as conspiracies, so "Obama" has nothing to worry about.
Perhaps the Jews see conflict with North Korea as a way of opening up World War 3 which would allow them to bomb Iran, and complete the subjugation of Ukraine. Only the stupid American is wrapped around the freedom of speech issue with The Interview. There is a time and place for that, but other very big issues are at stake.
Thus the Jews have attacked one of their own - SONY of Hollywood - in order to realize more important geopolitical objectives. They have been attacking one of their own since the King David Hotel in 1946. It stands to reason that they are playing the same old tired game.

Jim Fetzer, SONY’s release of “The Interview”: Setting up North Korea as the patsy for assassinating Obama?, Veterans Today, December 27, 2014, accessed 12/28/2014

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