Friday, November 28, 2014

More Global Warming Fraud

A recent article in Veterans Today adds more substance to our long standing thesis that global weather patterns are far more complex than the simpletons at the United Nations and Washington’s elite think tanks pontificate, and that global cooling is the near term prognosis.
Before proceeding we must remind our dear reader that there is much more to the Global Warming Hoax than meets the eye. It is first and foremost a Lysenkoist scientific fraud of the highest order which has been caught several times fabricating data to obtain a desired outcomes.
The second major point is that weather is highly complex, and is difficult to generalize for a planet. Numerous factors influence it over the short term and the long term. In past postings we have noted orbital variation, axial aberrations, solar effects, the Maunder effect, and now, nova influences. These factors ebb and tide, and intersect with each other in complex ways.
Recently A K Dewdney, wrote a response to the UN’s hyperventilation about “climate change”, by noting the ground breaking research of Henrik Svensmark, a highly awarded and respected Danish solar physicist who has offered his team's research findings on how novas materially affect earth temperatures. After holding steady since 1998, temperatures took a plunge last year, but can be explained by cosmic rays and solar magnetic changes.
Cosmic rays emanating from novae constantly travel toward the earth, but are usually filtered out by the Van Allen belt, with the successful penetrations deflected by the sun’s magnetic field. However, the sun undergoes a magnetic pole reversal every 11 years – almost like clockwork. While in the reversal process, the magnetic field weakens, and may not always return to normal strength after the transition. Such is the case in the most recent reversal.
When the larger amounts of cosmic rays enter the earth’s atmosphere, they produce above average cloud formation, which in turn produces more precipitation and cooler temperatures. This model correlates very highly with past ice ages, and is a very credible framework for explaining current temperature variations from normal, which are now trending colder.
When discussing the effects of carbon dioxide, Dewdney, like many other climatologists dismisses its green house effect as more of a hair on a gnat’s ass than a material influence on planetary temperatures.
That the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change continues to issue dire warnings about the weather – when it goes up and when it goes down – is the smoking gun proof that they don’t care what direction the weather goes just so long as it can be used to whip up hysteria for more communist totalitarian law.
The IPCC is completely devoid of science, and is instead populated by doctrinaire Lysenkoists who in honest times would be laughed into the Fukushima irradiated waters off the coast of Japan.
We thus have numerous factors influencing the weather, including the most recent model offered by Henrik Svensmark postulating that the interaction of the solar magnetic fields on cosmic rays induces more clouds and lower temperatures.
All of the theories, hypotheses, and models we have presented are not mutually exclusive. They all provide a mosaic of supportive influence which can either compound or ameliorate the effects of the others.
The UN, like other crime syndicates, is a total fraud.

A K Dewdney, Environmental Scientist blasts “scientific consensus”, Veterans Today, November 27, 2014, accessed 11/28/2014

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