Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Sandy Hook Hoax

The evidence is now abundantly clear that the alleged mass murder in Sandy Hook, Connecticut was another Eric Holder / Mossad operation to promote gun control.
Jim Fetzer presented recently overwhelming evidence on Bev Collins’ radio program that there were no murders, deaths, accidents, or mayhem at Sandy Hook on December 12, 2012, the date of the alleged shootings in which 20 children and 7 adults were allegedly murdered.
More astonishingly, the entire criminal government of Connecticut worked hand in hand with the most criminal US Attorney General in American history to stage this event produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
The genesis of the hoax goes back to 1995 when criminal Eric Holder stated that the American people must be brainwashed to accept gun control. Since the 1980s Tulsa post office event, mass shootings – real and staged – have been produced by FEMA and CIA using MK-ULTRA subjects and crisis actors to terrorize the nation into accepting disarmament as a prelude to George Bush’s New World Order – one of his father’s stooge's, Adolf Hitler, famous phrases.
When the governor of Connecticut Dan Malloy held a press conference on the day of the shooting, he stated that he had been recently warned by unnamed officials that such an event was imminent. Did the governor take any steps to prepare or warn the schools that they were about to be the subject of terrorism or crime? He did nothing of the sort because he was warned by criminal Eric Holder that the staged event would occur very soon as part of his brainwashing program.
Indeed Malloy and Holder met on November 27, 2012 to discuss the very event. Malloy is a co-conspirator in the staged event for which profuse documentation exists showing that FEMA was the executive producer of the hoax.
Fetzer produces the script used to document the operation, including the paragraph stating that all participants must check into the command post, for which he shows a picture of a lighted highway sign at the FEMA command post in Sandy Hook stating “Everyone Must Check In.”
Many of the actors have been identified through other work they did for various entities and products. One such example is a man going by the name Lenny Posner who is in fact Leonard P Osner, and who may have other aliases. "Lenny" claims that he was the father of victim Noah Posner, another child actor who promoted a water park in Ontario, Canada.
After 100 hours of interviews with “Posner”, Kelly Watt concluded that he is a chronic liar. She discovered that he was the grandfather of Noah, for whom he forged a death certificate when confronted for evidence that Noah was dead.
The fake deaths have proven to be quite an embarrassment for the perpetrators. Neither the FBI nor Newtown crimes statistics show any deaths for the students in Sandy Hook for 2012, while the state of Connecticut forged 27 deaths for an unknown jurisdiction in order to maintain the lie that Sandy Hook happened as it claimed.
The wickedness of the criminal state goes beyond merely falsifying evidence. The state legislature passed legislation making it a felony for anyone associated with the “crime scene” or the operation to speak about what he saw or didn’t see, proving beyond all reasonable doubt that the event was a total scam. Massive amounts of evidence proving the terrorist deception have been shredded by state officials involved in the conspiracy. (And they say that conspiracies don’t exist).
While it is a felony for anyone to say anything about Sandy Hook, when the Constitution most emphatically supports freedom of speech, the crisis actors used to fake the event are crisscrossing the country to plea for gun control – the very aim for which criminal Eric Holder staged the Sandy Hook Hoax.
Why was the Sandy Hook elementary school chosen for the fake crime scene? The primary reason was that it was an abandoned school which made rehearsals and planning very easy. The school had been closed in 2008 in large measure because it posed a huge asbestos liability and the town leaders did not want to spend the money to clean up the aging school.
Fetzer produced voluminous evidence showing that the school was a boarded up storage closet at the time of the hoax. The building was dilapidated and unfit for the alleged 489 students plus faculty who were said to be there the day of the hoax. But for a wealthy, affluent municipality which keeps its buildings immaculately manicured, it was odd that there was no internet activity at a school where its wealthy parents would surely want little Johnny and Suzy to have the latest technological learning aids.
Anomalies such as these abound throughout the saga.
Other problems with the faked crime scene is that there were no emergency vehicles, and the road leading to the school was blocked, making it impossible for vehicles to gain access even if their drivers had wanted to do so. There was no blood at the production site either, so it looks like the emergency vehicles would have been superfluous.
Regarding the cartoon character Adam Lanza – he was a fictional person as well. He was supposedly a 6 foot 112 pound Asperger victim who had no prior experience with firearms, yet managed to let off 150 rounds which inflicted each victim with 3-12 rounds apiece. Unfortunately none of the alleged bullet fragments matched any of the alleged weapons used by the alleged Lanza.
Fetzer produced even more evidence substantiating the criminal fraud which involved the entire government of Connecticut, most of the US government, and the entire Jew owned news media, including the liar Shannon Hicks whose staged photograph of the evacuating students was used to brainwash Americans into believing that Adam Lanza really shot 27 people dead. We allowed a slight blanket exception to the US government, because several individuals at the Department of Education told Paul Preston, a Los Angeles education expert, that Sandy Hook was a “drill” and that no one had died.
The enormity of the hoax is staggering, but is part of the long tradition of criminality which runs deep through American society, especially its elected and appointed leaders. We have only skimmed the cream off of Dr Fetzer’s superb presentation to Bev Collins’ audience – a presentation worthy of anyone’s time who wants to know the truth.
The real problem with Sandy Hook is that it shows to the whole world the depravity of Americans who elect and support these psychopathic officials whose views are so twisted that they can only be achieved through lies.
Jim Fetzer, The Bev Collins Show with James H Fetzer Powerpoint Presentation of Sandy Hook, Media Broadcasting Center, December 19, 2014, accessed 12/25/2014 on YouTube

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