Monday, December 22, 2014

Second Nucler Attack on US Imminent

A second nuclear attack on the United States is imminent according to Steve Quayle, speaking Sunday to Eric King of King World News.
While Quayle did not acknowledge the first attack on September 11, 2001, we point out to our readers that Israel and the Bush Crime Syndicate launched a brutal attack on Americans on that September morning.
The evidence corroborating that nuclear devices brought down the World Trade Center is overwhelming, contrary to the many ill founded theories suggesting that airplanes, nano-thermite, or conventional explosives wreaked the damage.
We previously reported that Israel has placed nuclear devices in at least 25 US cities, as part of its Operation Samson, among other injuries against the United States. We suspect that the number of cities sabotaged is probably higher than reported.
Those who think that Israel does not have nuclear capabilities are misinformed - a state very typical of Americans. Israeli espionage by Jews of various nationalities has been ongoing for decades going back to the Johnson administration which was blackmailed over the then president's involvement in the murder of John Kennedy.
More significantly, George Bush, Sr decommissioned an enormous quantity of nuclear weapons which he then gave to Israel in a private transaction netting him billions of dollars. We were perplexed at the time why Bush scaled back the nuclear arsenal, but we now know why.
Israel has used nuclear weapons in Lebanon - during the 2006 war - and in Iraq, to say nothing of New York City.
Quayle also noted that his sources inform him that US government orders for food for its massive network of underground cities have skyrocketed, a report which confirms publicly circulated letters from FEMA requesting emergency food.
Those who think that ordinary Americans would be allowed in these underground cities are as equally foolish as those who do not realize that the United States was attacked with nuclear weapons in 2001. These cities are strictly for elite plutocrats and government officials.
The recent demonization of Russia now makes sense because they are being patsified for the imminent Jewish attack on the United States. Israel is a colony of the Rothschilds, property given to them by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and executed by the traitor Harry Truman.
We pray to God that Quayle is wrong, but the evidence points to nuclear holocaust, just as the Satanic Dick Cheney has been warning for most of this year. This nuclear firestorm is also consistent with Jim Willie's warning that a coup against the United States was also imminent. Now is the time to pray to God.

Eric King, Yes, Russia To Unleash Black Swans Against West But Here Is The Scary Part, King World News, December 21, 2014, accessed 12/22/2014

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