Friday, January 2, 2015

Is George H W Bush Really George H Scherf?

Far be it from us to turn our nose up at a good conspiracy theory, but in the case of George H W Bush being George H Scherf, Jr, we have to take a pass.
There is a rather dubious theory floating around that George Bush is in reality Nazi spy George H Scherf, Jr whom Adolf Hitler sent to America in 1938 to engage in sabotage. Scherf Jr allegedly enlisted in the Navy to steal advanced American technology for use in its own arms developments.
But the story gets even more interesting when Scherf Jr is alleged to be the son of legendary scientist Nikola Tesla's personal secretary George H Scherf Sr. Even more titillating is the assertion that Scherf Jr was the character upon whom Curious George was based since the young Scherf was allegedly constantly in Tesla's office snooping into the scientist's papers for the purpose of purloining them.
The evidence for this theory is flimsy to say the least. It is based largely, if not entirely, on the story of a Jew named Eric Berman who goes by the name Eric Orion. In Berman's telling he was dating the daughter of Otto Skorzeny, Adolf Hitler's body guard who was around 90 years of age or more at the time he related his tale to Berman.
Berman, who according to one source was 29 at the time of the confessions in 1995-6, was dating the daughter of the nonagenarian who, feeling his time was up, decided to bare his soul, and a box of pictures he had kept for 60 years, one of which included a young man in a German sailor's uniform who is supposed to be George H Scherf, Jr aka George Bush, Sr.
When Scherf arrived in the United States, he is then allegedly adopted by Prescott Bush who himself is allegedly the fake son of Sam Bush. If your head is spinning, don't worry - it's the story, not you.
So the evidence for the identification of Scherf, Jr with Bush,Sr is a lousy photograph from 1938 in which some kid resembles George Bush, Sr. We agree that there is a vague resemblance, but not nearly enough to draw the conclusion that the two men are one and the same. We have examined several pictures of Bush, Sr from the time period and cannot see substantive similarities to suggest a singularity, let alone confirm one.
Skorzeny, who died in 1999 according Berman or in 1975 according to official records, came to the United States immediately after World War 2 as a CIA Operation Paperclip infiltrator. The former bodyguard also alleged that Adolf Hitler was alive and well in 1997 at the ripe old age of 107, living comfortably in the state of Montana.
Every informed historian knows that Hitler died c. 1965 in Argentina, leaving the Skorzeny character short on credibility.
Furthermore, it was the Germans - not the Americans - who generally produced the most advanced technology; so their need to steal American secrets is almost laughable. Indeed that superiority was one of the justifications for Operation Paperclip.
If anyone wanted to confirm that Scherf and Bush are one and the same, a seriously credible forensic anthropologist - actually more than one would be required for the scientific method - would need to do computer aided photographic analysis on the facial features of both men proving a match. Until that time, the assertions about Scherf and Bush are annoying.
The story is probably attractive because Prescott Bush, Averill Harriman, the Rockefellers, DuPonts, and almost every other financial elite were trading with the Nazi enemy during World War 2 in order to profit from death and misery.
George Bush is also a murderer and drug dealer worth trillions of dollars, and is thus an attractive target for these types of stories. However, as someone who staunchly denounces the moon landing as a hoax, and steadfastly avers that Paul McCartney was murdered in 1966, we consider the Scherf-Bush theory nonsense and rubbish.
Until the scientific facts are in, we advise serious students of history to ignore this tripe.
Don Nicoloff, Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president, Idaho Observer, reproduced by, accessed 1/2/2015
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Sorry, but if it is so whacky, please explain all the discrepancies with birthdays, dates of death, etc. The model, Cindy Crawford, was able to trace her family tree back to Charlemagne yet GHWB can't go back one generations!

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Well We Now Knwo Hitler Didnt Die In That Bunker Like The Oh So Truthful Historians Believe...