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Timothy McVeigh, Chandra Levy, and the OKC Bombings

In an article describing the duplicities of the corporate and CIA controlled news media, columnist Dr James Preston revealed the truth behind the stories of Timothy McVeigh, Chandra Levy, and the Oklahoma City Bombings.
Although long time readers of these chronicles know that Timothy McVeigh's death was faked, they may not know the details surrounding Chandra Levy whom we have previously identified as a Mossad agent who was punished for indiscretions.
Thanks to Veterans Today, we now have a reasonable explanation for Levy's death, and it relates to the principle that loose lips sink ships, one of George Bush Sr's favorite maxims. As usual the Bush Crime Syndicate was heavily involved in the Murrah Building destruction, so we need to back up to set the stage.
Preston relates that former CBS news anchor Dan Rather was provided with tapes capturing a conversation between George Bush and Timothy McVeigh shortly before the US government destroyed the Murrah Building with nuclear devices in 1995.
When the corporate whore called Bush to ask about the conversation, Rather's long time secretary received an email with Anthrax within 2 days afterward, just as several senators did a few years later when the BCS, along with Mossad, were clamoring for war for their attacks on New York City on September 11, 2001.
Rather thought that he would get revenge when he reported George Bush, Jr's fake National Guard service record, including his recovery in a cocaine rehabilitation center, an addiction facilitated by his father's and Bill Clinton's Mena drug empire. Rather was no match for the BCS, and was quickly removed from his position at CIA CBS.
Chandra Levy entered the OKC story when she was working at the federal penitentiary handling the execution of Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was carried out on a stretcher and taken to Montana for plastic surgery. No autopsy was ever performed on him and his body was never cremated as claimed.
Levy knew that the execution was staged, but let slip to a friend the true story, which resulted in a rapid murder by the BCS's CIA, and the patsification of Gary Condit, the California congressman with whom she practiced Sado-Masochism.
There are a number of stories floating around claiming that the Japanese were implicated in the OKC bombings as Bush's revenge against his embarrassing vomiting episode in Tokyo, but we believe that this story about Bush's direct contact with McVeigh seals the case that the BCS was the major instigator with a very compliant and willing Bill Clinton.
Of course the major weakness in the McVeigh thesis is that we would consider him expendable. Why would the BCS keep him alive? We will have to await an answer on that question. However, his is simply one of many fake deaths, Barbara Olson's being another such famous example. She was finally murdered in Israel c. 2009 when she violated the terms of her house arrest in Sweden.

James Preston, Evil With a Nice Face - the Janus Principle, Veterans Today, November 23, 2014, accessed 11/23/2014

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