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New Developments in the Kennedy Case

Even 51 years after the Mossad’s CIA murdered President John Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, new information continues to emerge showing precisely what transpired on the day of the assassination and exposing the Warren Commission as the perpetrators’ juvenile cover-up.
There are times when we believe that Allan Dulles’ Warren Commission wanted the people to know that they and their sponsors murdered the president. It is generally so incompetent and full of inconsistencies that anyone with a GED could see through its preposterous lies. Thus the Warren Commission was not attempting to discover facts - which could only be ascertained within a court of law - but rather to cover up their murders of the president and JD Tippit.
One of the commission’s great shortcomings as an authentic investigative body is that it failed to call scores if not hundreds of material witnesses including the Dallas police officers who rode the Harley-Davidson motorcycles supposedly protecting the president.
Within the past year their testimonies, taken by Fred Newcomb in 1971, were released for the first time by Larry Rivera. The 4 police officers were Douglas Jackson, James Chaney, William Martin, and Robert Hargis.
With Gary King, Larry Rivera reveals a great deal of new information about the sequence of events in Dealey Plaza at the time of the ambush. One example is the amount of time the Operation 40 team and other CIA assassins took to murder the president. The famous book Six Seconds in Dealey Plaza gives the impression that within 6 seconds the shooting was over. This is clearly not the case, if not an outright lie, as anywhere from 15-30 seconds were required to murder Kennedy.
Hargis was hit so hard with Kennedy’s brain matter that he felt he had been hit by bullets, after which he ran up to the pedestal where the CIA’s Abraham Zapruder was filming the assassination for the Agency. The significance of this action, and others taken subsequently by Hargis, proves that the motorcade came to a complete halt on Elm Street, allowing the assassins a perfect view for murdering John.
Hargis told Newcomb that the limousine stopped up to 5-6 seconds. Hargis is not an entirely truthful witness on this point, but his concession that the limousine stopped is ground breaking evidence proving that the president’s limousine at the very least slowed down remarkably, or as Hargis put it, came to a rolling stop.
Other evidence proves that the limousine came to a complete, rather than rolling, stop.
The fact that the limousine came to a stop demonstrates conclusively that the Zapruder film was materially altered to fit the preplanned outcome of the criminal Warren Commission.
Chaney also testifies that Hargis dismounted his motorcycle to run between the 2 limousines – the president’s and the following vehicle – meaning that the motorcade, including the president’s limousine had come to a halt, because there is a photo showing that the lead car, in front of the presidential limousine, with its break lights on and Sheriff Bill Decker standing on his knees in the back seat of the Ford Falcon looking out the rear window to make sure that the president was dead. Anyone who thinks that the vehicle, with the Dallas chief of police Jesse Curry, was racing for Parkland is a blithering idiot or grossly misinformed.
Another critical point which Rivera brings out about the atmosphere in Dealey Plaza is the noise of the motorcycles which is extremely loud. Thus it is impossible that anyone near them could possibly hear rifle or gunshots. Therefore the many discrepancies among witnesses regarding the number of shots based upon aural witness can be explained by the muffling sounds of the motorcycles.
The main point is that the police officers could not accurately count any rifle shots coming from the CIA assassins.
In any event, once Jackson noticed that the president was dead, he raced up the Grassy Knoll on his motorcycle since that is from where one or more of the shots was fired. Another of the 4 officers dismounted his motorcycle to run up the embankment in the words of S M Holland, a railroad employee who witnessed the events from behind the knoll.
The importance of the knoll rider and the officer on foot going up the Grassy Knoll is that they followed the smoke and gunfire. It is with absolute certainty that we can say that there was a CIA assassination team behind the picket fence.
Jackson also wrote an account on November 22, 1963 describing what he witnessed. One of his startling comments is that of 5-6 Secret Service agents running past the presidential limousine after the CIA murdered the president. This astonishing account is more proof that the limousine slowed and halted, for how can anyone but Superman run past a moving car?
One of Sgt Stavis Ellis’ men witnessed a Secret Service agent throwing a piece of the president’s skull back into the limousine after grabbing it from a kid who had picked it up from the grass. The significance of this interaction between the Secret Service agent and the kid is equally astonishing because it adds more seconds to the time that the limousine was stopped – not just a rolling stop, but a complete full stop.
But this was not the only stop the limousine made en route to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Police chief Jesse Curry confirmed shortly before his death a second stop on the ramp to Stemmons Freeway. Earle Brown witnessed the limousine stopping for 30 seconds.
Although it is not entirely clear why the limousine stopped, it may be related to an accident between 2 motor cycle cops - Chaney and Hargis - trying to avoid running over a pedestrian who was crossing the freeway. They knew that the president was already dead, so there was no reason to rush to the hospital.
One of the president’s autopsies revealed glass in his face, proving that the bullet hole in the windshield of the limousine came from the front. Both Jackson and Stavis Ellis confirmed as eye witnesses that there was a bullet hole in the windshield. CIA photographers working for Life and other CIA news outlets covered up the hole in the photographic evidence much as Johnson ordered the completed destruction of the limousine – although a fake version was rebuilt from the chassis up.
In addition to 2 major stops by the limousine before reaching Parkland, there were 2 secret service agents in the back seat with the dead president. It is well known that Clint Hill was allegedly one of them, although at one point Rivera suggests that it was not. The Miller photograph identifies yet another Secret Service agent standing up in the back seat of the limousine at Parkland – someone who remains unidentified today.
The significance of the second Secret Service agent is that it explains the dangling foot in the back of the Continental. It actually belongs to Clint Hill – not President Kennedy.
Finally, another artifact of the Miller photograph is the capture of another assassin on the Corham Motors building near Parkland Hospital. This assassin was probably a backup in the event that the CIA assassins failed to fatally shoot the president on Elm Street.
These new evidences confirm facts researchers have long known:
1.       There was an assassination team behind the fence of the Grassy Knoll
2.       The presidential limousine completely stopped for 6-30 seconds on Elm Street
3.       The limousine stopped a second time for about 30 seconds before entering Stemmons Freeway
4.       There were 2 Secret Service agents in the back with Mrs Kennedy
5.       There was another assassin on Corham Motors building ready to kill the president if he somehow survived the ambush on Elm Street.
6.       Jackson and Martin were left behind on Elm Street while Hargis and Chaney went to Parkland
7.      There were at least 2 assassins in the front of the motorcade - 1 behind the picket fence, and one located elsewhere
8.      The Zapruder film was most emphatically altered
Contrary to previous statements by those complicit in the murder of the president, the case is not closed.
Larry Rivera, The JFK Horsemen, 2014, [accessed on YouTube]

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Richard Charnin said...


I was a speaker at the conference via SKYPE.

These are my JFK blog posts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15vokd2I6Zd32OWUvkQ29furIWkOPWZ9Pwms3Wy4Sc6E/pub

I have written "Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy" which was released in October.

1- the Limo came to a FULL stop according to 33 of 59 witnesses.

2-the Zapruder film was altered. IT DOES not SHOW A LIMO STOP

3- Oswald did not shoot Tippit who the WC claimed was kiLled at 1:16pm. That was the time Tippit was officially declared dead at THE HOSPITAL. All witnesses said he was shot NO later than 1:06PM.

4. TSBD witnesses Lovelady, Frazier and Shelley at the Warren Commission confirm that Lovelady was standing on the steps in FRONT at 12:30.. By the process of elimination, Oswald was standing in the doorway at the first floor entrance to the TSBD.

5. The odds of 78 officially ruled unnatural deaths in 15 years assuming 1400 JFK-related persons is E-30 (less than 1 in a trillion trillion).

Tony Bonn said...

thank you kindly for posting here. everything you stated are major points we have promoted over the past 4-5 years, usually relying on researchers like you.

the murder of the president, tippit, Oswald and others is proof that dealey was a major operation requiring a large coalition of the wicked willing.

we will never stop pounding this case. there is more yet to come to finger the scumbags of 11/22/1963.