Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pedophilia Rampant in Congress

Startling information corroborating our coverage of the massive pedophilia sex rings run primarily by powerful Republicans has been reported in Veterans Today.
These sex slave rings have been operating for decades in Washington, DC with a paroxysm of activity in the 1970s and 80s when thousands of children were absconded by a sex slave ring operating in Des Moines, IA, Omaha, NE, Washington, DC, and California. One of its current leaders is the newly elected Ben Sasse whom the pedophilia lovers of Nebraska elected as senator.
The reason the children have been abducted - and even donated - to the sex slave is to feed the appetites of Congressmen. Dr Preston James reported the results of 2 studies, one by an FBI asset, and the other by a New York City Police Department officer, both of whom independently investigated pedophilia among Congressmen. They found that 40% of Congressmen are involved in child sex and homosexuality.
While these 2 studies date from about 20 years ago, Preston says that little has changed except for more homosexual activity. The findings are perfectly consonant with our reports about sex slaves brought into the Bush Sr White House, almost engulfing his administration in a major scandal when Craig Spence was found murdered in a Capitol Hill bathroom. The official story is that he committed "suicide."
James also noted that one southern senator is blackmailed by AIPAC to tow the Israeli line for perpetual war in the Middle East. The implication is that AIPAC or Mossad is part of these operations, with one current US Major General Aquino heavily involved in the capture of Johnny Gosch and Satanic rituals in the US Army.

Gosch was abducted when he was 12 years old and later showed up in the Bush, Jr White House as "ace" news reporter Jeff Gannon.
The incidence of pedophilia and homosexuality in Congress rises with rank. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to hold a prominent position in Congress without being a pedophile or involved in homosexual ritual sex as practiced by the Ordi Templi Orientis and MG Aquino.
We also have second hand knowledge of the pervasiveness of these practices going back to the Carter administration. It is very much a part of the culture of Washington, and now America - a place where children are sexually assaulted both psychologically and physically from the earliest ages. It is precisely the reason that public schools distribute condoms - to promote child pornography.
Those children who are most attractive to political and corporate elite are taken to Bohemian Grove where they are sacrificed in Satanic sex rituals. Alex Jones has reported extensively on the occultic activities of Bohemian Grove.
In closing we wish to stress that although the Republicans operate the sex trade, it is a truly bipartisan affair, with democrat Barney Frank being one of the more prominent customers of this disgusting depravity.

James Preston, Evil With a Nice Face - the Janus Principle, Veterans Today, November 23, 2014, accessed 11/23/2014

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