Saturday, November 8, 2014

US Grabs Afghani Rare Earths in Pillage and Rape Campaign

While we had believed that the US invasion of Afghanistan was to gain control of the drug trade, a recent letter by Abdul Kadir Mohmand reveals that even larger spoils are the motive - rare earth elements.
Make no mistake that one of the reasons the Bush Crime Syndicate invaded Afghanistan was to consolidate the drug trade under its control. NATO troops' number 1 job is the importation and distribution of heroin sourced in Afghanistan and financed by JPMorgan Chase and the Vatican.
The official story is that the United States invaded Afghanistan in its War on Terror, a never ending genocidal march for total world conquest directed by the British royal family and the Rothschild Satanists using its colony of Israel.
The United States doesn't give a hill of beans about the misery and death it wreaks on the country in its insatiable bloodlust. In fact according to Mohmand, the United States and its corporate emirates are bulldozing towns, villages, and people as it prepares to rape the country of its natural resources.
Treasonous Mammon worshipping Afghanis have sold their nation to the American corporate conglomerates who have begun to denude the nation of its fabulous mineral wealth. The US selected puppet leader Ashrarf  Ghani, answering only to the corporate and Jewish controlled State Department, dispenses illegitimate blessings on the massive swindles and treason.
Afghanistan is the home of an enormous cache of mineral wealth, the most important of which is rare earth minerals which are vitally essential to modern military technology. China controls about 90% of such minerals, but Pentagon planners fear that China may not always supply them to the United States military industrial complex.
On the other hand, China and the United Sates are cooperating in the pillaging of the nation, which has been a battle ground since the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. While we cannot develop the theory here, we believe that 1979 invasion was a US ordered event.
In order to secure its supply of rare earths, the US has established at least 9 permanent military bases in Afghanistan, extending its empire of Europe, Japan, and the Middle East to one more victim, Afghanistan.
While this mountainous nation has been the grave yard of empires going back to Alexander, it is not certain how the US's foray into the country will fare. This is another imperial adventure on which to keep an eye.

Abdul Kadir Mohmand, Is the Maoist Communist China becoming a partner of U.S. imperialism in Afghanistan, Veterans Today, November 8, 2014, accessed 11/8/2014

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