Friday, April 11, 2014

Armageddon American Style

Just as the Chaldean coregent Belshazzar didn't believe the hand writing on the wall even when the great prophet Daniel revealed its interpretation, so the American people blithely ignore the great catastrophes which await them this year.
Two very intertwined events have occurred which guarantee excruciating hardship for Americans this year and beyond. The Great Moderation, of which the evil and arrogant former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke, has been revealed for the economic fraud that it was as the United States continues to suffer the consequences of the epic bubble blowing years wrought by that economic fraud and ziocon traitor. The peace dividend promised from the dissolution of the Soviet Union has been squandered on wars of imperial aggression which have bankrupted the nation, just as the US seeks to start a war with Russia.
More specifically, the United States faces a two pronged threat this year. The first comes from the financial destruction inflicted upon the nation by the Federal Reserve Board and President "Obama" through the trillions of dollars of debt they incurred to bail out criminal Wall Street banksters in the wake of the engineered destruction of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Much of the debt was also used to purposefully impair and compromise the United State's fiscal health, again helped along by ziocon Tim Geithner.
The other threat is that of war which the State Department, in the person of ziocon Victoria Nuland, and the president have engineered with many false flag attacks through its terrorist organizations the CIA and JSOC, in addition to many civilian mercenaries such as Blackwater and Greystone.
These organizations have invaded Ukraine in an attempt to avenge the deft geopolitical maneuvering of Russian president Vladimir Putin which blunted a US invasion of Syria and simultaneous bombing of Iran by the terrorist state of Israel. The issue with both Syria and Ukraine is the control of energy via pipelines which run through Ukraine, and which are not running through Syria as America's politicians and banksters want. The US is determined to use force to wrest control away from Russia and Gazprom of the energy right of ways, even if it means starting World War 3.
In fact the US government has been drawing up plans for large scale war in Europe, ostensibly over the matter of Ukraine, but as long as Russia maintains superiority in missile technology, US attack options will be somewhat limited. The US Navy is in the Black Sea prepared to begin bombing operations by provoking the Russians in its naval bases in Crimea. We predict a major battle in the Black Sea in an effort to emasculate the US Navy in treasonous activity. "Obama" purged all senior commanders who had any sense to challenge him on his wanton and irresponsible bellicosity.
The larger motive for American rage has been the decline of the US dollar as a reserve currency. Iran and Iraq both earned hostility from politicians in Washington when they accepted payments for oil in currencies other than dollars. Other countries accelerated this movement when they realized that the US government was committed to financial terrorism using the SWIFT payment system.
Consequently the G20 nations drew up plans to create bilateral trade agreements which do not require US dollars to settle payments of international trade. Russia and the OPEC countries will announce this year payment for oil in currencies other than dollars. This reduces not only the need for dollars, but the need for respecting the dollar as the reserve currency. The US government through its mendacity, greed, and aggression has motivated  other countries to drop the US dollar, something which has accelerated in 2014 and will make major advances as this year progresses.
While most Americans are too stoopid to understand any of this, we will state bluntly that the prices of goods in the US are about to soar, especially gasoline. We anticipate gasoline prices this year to be 5-6 USD per gallon - just for starters.
As the purchasing power of the dollar sinks, Washington politicians will seek ways to distract attention from price pain by causing a war in Europe. If anyone thinks that the Ukraine crisis has passed, he is poorly informed, to put it politely. The Ukrainian crisis will reel out of control this year, in part because Americans have elected the most evil - not incompetent - president in its nearly 250 year history. Its elected representatives are fully complicit with the military industrial complex clamoring for war.
Americans face a horrific year in 2014. A debt ridden nation, losing its exorbitant privilege as the issuer of the world's reserve currency, with a failing economy, and a war mongering president and Congress face the most misery since 1607. The nation will not survive in its present form, and Americans have only themselves to blame for the great calamities and destruction awaiting them.
Anyone who thinks that America's troubles are due to incompetent leaders is naïve beyond contempt. The events happening are orchestrated in the dark bowels of darkness by traitors of the United States who report to the Rothschild barons, all of whom are committed to establishing the New World Order. That NWO will not be led by the US, but by China.
The fall of the USD as the world reserve currency plus the foolish war over the Ukraine is the handwriting on the wall. We predict nuclear destruction on American soil; and again, it is all by design of ziocon traitors.
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