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Was Dwight Eisenhower a Jew?

Some speculators have put together the story that Dwight Eisenhower was a crypto Jew whose allegiances to Zionism preceded those to the United States. While we believe that Eisenhower was a Zionist, the evidence so far does not substantiate that he was a Jew.
The thesis that Eisenhower was Jewish states that there are Jewish lines from his father’s family, which formed the basis of his relationship with Zionist Bernard Baruch, the man without whose approval the governments of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt did not function. Baruch used his power to elevate Eisenhower to the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe over many better qualified men, which favor he repaid in his genocidal assault on the German people after World War 2. As president, he used his powers to advance the Jewish state. Finally, the proponents of Eisenhower’s Jewishness point to various coats of arms which indicate that Eisenhower is a Jewish surname.
The foundation of the theory is a statement in Eisenhower’s West Point yearbook which calls him the “terrible Swedish –Jew. “ While there is certainly some circumstantial evidence to suggest that Eisenhower may have been Jewish, we believe that the best evidence refutes it.
To understand Eisenhower’s religious upbringing, we turn to Jerry Bergman, who as a Jew may be suspect,  who did an excellent job of collating various biographical profiles of Eisenhower during his formative years prior to entering West Point.
Bergman demonstrates that Eisenhower’s parents were initially associated with the River Brethren, a Protestant sect sharing beliefs with the Mennonites, but converted to a group which in time became known as Jehovah’s Witnesses, a source of considerable embarrassment to the 5 Eisenhower boys later in life, all of whom rejected the faith, along with their father, later in life.
Eisenhower’s mother, Ida, converted to the faith when her 8 month old son Paul died in 1895. She was wooed into the sect by consoling neighbors in Abilene, KS who convinced her that she would see her son in the impending resurrection expected to occur within a few years.
Ida and her husband David were very devout adherents to the religious sect known at that time as Russelites or Bible Students, meaning that their 5 boys were heavily immersed in Bible teaching and other activities of the sect. One of the major aspects of the Bible Students was millennialism which stressed the imminent return of Jesus to establish his Kingdom on earth and to rule from Jerusalem. Thus there was a strong predisposition toward Christian Zionism.
Although Eisenhower no longer considered himself as part of the faith after 1915, the time his dad abandoned it when certain prophecies related to World War 1 did not materialize, he nonetheless retained a significant residue from his childhood training, which as we noted included Christian Zionism.
Around 1930 Eisenhower worked closely with Zionist Bernard Baruch, a very influential member of Roosevelt’s kitchen cabinet. We suspect that Baruch took a liking to Eisenhower whose religious views coincided with his own concerning the establishment of a Jewish state. Thus as Eisenhower’s career progressed, Baruch was happy to promote the Gentile Eisenhower at the critical moment of selecting an allied commander for Europe’s offences against Germany. Eisenhower repaid the support with a genocidal onslaught against Germans which would have caused his mother to spin rapidly in her grave.
Regarding Eisenhower’s yearbook epitaph, one commentator stated well when he said that it most likely was a reference to his penury as a cadet due to the very modest means of his parents. Eisenhower had to support himself at school since his parents were certainly in no position to do so.
This does not exhaust the problems with Eisenhower though, as researcher Don Nicoloff discovered. Eisenhower’s birth is shrouded in mystery, but we do know that around 1952 an unknown New York law firm arranged for a forged birth certificate stating that Eisenhower was born in Denison, TX. Yet when asked where he was born and his age upon entering the United States from the Canal Zone in 1924, Eisenhower stated that he was born in Tyler, TX and that his age was 34 when in fact it was 33. Was he really telling the truth or a lie?
This episode raises a number of questions about the truthfulness of Eisenhower and the reliability of his birth story, and hence the question about his ethnicity. Was he hiding a birth substantially different than what he told the public?
While we are rather inclined to believe that he was born in the United States, and was not a Jew, we leave open other possibilities pending additional research. At the very least he was a Zionist puppet who advanced various Zionist genocidal causes.
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