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Playing the China Card

Since the demise of the Qianlong, Western powers have sought to influence or control China and its vast resources, first through the United Kingdom, and then through the United States. Now that the United States is in decline, it has played one last card with China to stave off collapse.
The British used the opium trade to demoralize and destroy the Chinese people, just as the United States government used narcotics in its country to destroy its people starting in 1960s. The purpose in the US was to take away the vigilance which the people would otherwise exercise over governmental affairs, while in the former country, it was to eviscerate any resistance to British imperial expansion.
Official government is only a portion of the cast of characters acting on the political stage, especially in the United States where great plutocratic families are normally aligned with the British royalty and the Rothschild empire in treachery against their native country.
The Rothschild empire is made of money and debt, its rule transcending national borders. The Jewish Rothschilds are the progenitors of Zionism, a political framework for establishing world wide hegemony through the New World Order.
In order to advance Zionism, based upon the atheistic, antichristian Talmud, its proponents, both Jew and gentile, invented a number of political ideologies to accomplish the same goals as pervasive drug abuse. This set of political tools includes Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism, Fascism, and its many totalitarian variants to assault a nation with dialectically opposed viewpoints in order to intellectually and politically crush national independence from the money changers.
Thus the Rothschild Zionists introduced Bolshevism to Russia, pitting atheism and Christianity against each other as it exploited the natural cleavages between the peasantry and the aristocracy. Antony Summers has well documented Western bankster support of the October Revolution of 1917. The top leaders of the revolutionary government were 99% Jewish.
After World War 2 China was the next major victim of the Rothschild assault when its puppet Mao Zedong was installed in China to mold it into another industrial colony. But first it had to be neutered with a cultural revolution to conform it to Zionistic purposes. The Rothschilds worked through the Rockefellers and the many Zionists in the State Department during the 1940s to install Zedong in power.
Summers, along with M Stanton Evans, have confirmed that certain State Department bureaucrats falsified reports about Chiang Kai-shek in order to sabotage his support in Washington. Summers, with others, have also substantiated that Harry Truman, a 33d degree Mason, deliberately withheld arms shipments to Kai-shek in order to deliberately insure his defeat against Zedong.
The great Communist leader and Western lackey was really only an intermediate caretaker, whose brutal murders of at least 40 million people was to crush dissent against Communism, who was destined to be replaced with a fascist government as early as the 1950s when the Council on Foreign Relations devised its d├ętente program which its servant Richard Nixon implemented beginning in the early 1970s. It is no accident that George Bush was sent to China as special ambassador as it represented Rockefeller interests in the political opening.
By that time, China, so the Zionists believed, was ready to be thawed so that it could turn into a major economic and military power to replace the United States as the NWO leader. The Chinese nation has no history of freedom or self government, making it a more suitable leader for imposing the Zionist will.
Thus during the Clinton administration, perhaps the most treasonous in US history, great technology and wealth transfers to China began, but with a significant twist. According to Jim Willie, in order to obtain Most Favored Nation status, the Chinese had to pledge their very significant gold supplies under the custodianship of the bank now known as JPMorgan Chase.
The United States promptly leased or sold the gold, a fact lately discovered by the Chinese, and prompting a significant amount of anger and retribution. In fact the recent spate of bankster "suicides" and murders is most likely tied to the gold theft and the innumerable financial frauds Western banks have perpetrated on the world, especially the Chinese.
When the Clinton administration sold out the United States by transferring vast tracts of US industrial capacity to the Chinese as part of the overall program of establishing the Chinese as the leaders of the NWO, it started accumulating massive and irreversible trade deficits with China, to the point where the United States began printing dollars with abandon. The trend accelerated when Lehman Brothers was assassinated in order to bail out the criminal Goldman Sachs empire, an arm of the Rothschild octopus.
The Chinese were not too happy to see its US Treasuries and dollars decline in value, so it made numerous threats against the US government to make good on the losses. This is where the Iraq War and the gold price suppression schemes enter the picture.
It is well known that the US government manipulates the price of gold, usually to the down side. It is not so well known, but substantiated by insiders such as Andrew Maguire and Jim Willie, that massive quantities of gold have been shipped from London to China and other Asian destinations. In fact since the major smash in gold in April of 2012, at least 1000 tons of gold per month have been shipped to Switzerland for recasting before shipping to China. This transfer represents at least 20-30,000 tons of gold which have bled dry COMEX and LBMA. Fort Knox was emptied of gold long before.
The reason for the massive shipment East was to not only make good on the stolen gold obtained in granting China MFN status, but to make good on the debased dollars and securities which the Chinese held in superabundance. Thus the price of gold was suppressed to cover their losses.
But that is not all that the US government, acting upon the request of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, gave the Chinese. They gave them free oil which is where Iraq enters the picture. Many researchers, including Jim Marrs among a horde of others, have demonstrated without doubt that the US did not invade Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. Although Iraq posed no threat at all to the United States, the Bush administration invented the story of Iraqi WMD to justify an invasion to steal its oil.
There are reports that there were some WMD in Iraq but that they were American made. No doubt there is truth to that story, but that was not the point of the invasion. The motive for taking Iraqi oil was to continue paying the Chinese to buy US government debt, which they did not want to do. According to some exceptional research by Texe Marrs, the United States has been selling Iraqi oil to the Chinese at 2 USD per barrel. That is not a misprint. While the spot price of crude oil is over 100 USD per barrel, the US government has been selling it for 2 USD. This extraordinary discount is the most probable explanation for why President "Obama" promised "trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see." Not only does the US government want to bail out its most important constituency - the banks - but also to pay off the Chinese in order to avoid more bellicose manifestations of corruption and treason of US leaders.
Thus the massive transfer of gold and industry from the US to China signals the planned ascendancy of the Chinese - at the behest of the Zionists - to impose its more Communistic totalitarian New World Order vision on the planet. Governments are the puppets of the money masters, and the Rothschild Zionists have no equal.
The United States is being hollowed out while its sheople baaa.
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