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Unraveling Obama's Jewish Identity

The person known as Barack Hussein Obama II is one of the greatest intelligence operations of all time. We will explain his identity and purpose as the Manchurian Candidate par excellence.
Bill Ayers, the notorious Weather Underground member involved in terrorist attacks against the United States, wrote Dreams from My Father, a fictional account of "Obama's" life. Ayers tells of "Obama's" parents, said to be Stanley Ann Dunham, a free spirit who came of age during the Beatnik era, and a goat herder from Kenya named Barack Obama studying at the University of Hawaii, who fell in love to produce the person who become president of the United States.
Supposedly Ann left Hawaii with her infant son immediately after birth to begin classes at the University of Washington, leaving behind her earnest young husband to finish his degree at the University of Hawaii. She quickly left school to return to Hawaii where her parents lived, but was deserted by Obama who headed for Harvard to begin work on his master's degree.
Subsequently, as the story goes, Ann fell in love with Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian national, who took her back to Indonesia with him as his wife circa 1966 with her young son Barack. Sometime in 1964 she allegedly divorced Obama, now known as Sr.
In 1971, still continuing his fiction, Ayers tells us that Obama returned to Hawaii to live with his grandparents who enrolled him in the exclusive Punahou School, from where he graduated in 1979, enrolling in Occidental College, before transferring to Columbia University 2 years later.
It's all an interesting story, but a complete crock of you know what. It is all fiction and fraud. Some of our more incredulous readers may object that it must be true because the story is told in a book by a reputable publisher, and in any event there are mounds of documentary evidence supporting the story. That belief is also a fraud.
The basic problem with all of the so-called documentary evidence, including pictures, is that they are all forged. Critical observers have noted that every single record of "Obama" has been sealed, including his kindergarten records. Some argue that this is to conceal his foreign nationality, and while there is a slim possibility of that being the case, we believe that the real reason is that Obama did not enroll or attend any of the institutions he claimed to attend.
At this point, we should momentarily digress to acknowledge other explanations of his birth and life. Some researchers point to his biographical profile on the back of his books where he stated that he was born in Kenya, a claim reinforced by public statements from his man-wife "Michelle." We use the term man-wife because whoever "Michelle" is, she is most emphatically a man. But we digress too much.
We will state categorically that "Obama" is not Kenyan nor is he Indonesian. There is no credible evidence that he was born in Kenya, nor is there any whatsoever that he was born in Indonesia. Furthermore, there is no credible evidence showing him to be in either Indonesia, or as others assert, Malaysia. And clearly we reject the myth that Barack Obama was "Obama's" father. We also reject categorically that "Stanley Ann Dunham" was "Obama's" mother.
The Kenyan story was created by intelligence hacks, such as Michael Shrimpton who claims to be connected with British intelligence, to keep inquisitive minds about Obama's biography off balance. Alleged father Barack Obama was indeed murdered to make sure that he could not interfere with the story.
Although "Obama" may have ties with Indonesia, they are not of the nature told by fictional writer Bill Ayers. In any event, Lolo Soetoro was a US intelligence agent working with the CIA to overthrow the Sukarno government. Because "Stanley Ann Dunham" is a synthetic fraudulent identity, she never married Soetoro. Soetoro was also murdered to make sure that he would not interfere with the story. And in case the reader missed the point, we state bluntly that Stanley Ann Dunham is a fictional character.
So if everything Bill Ayers told of substance about "Obama" is a lie, what is the truth? We believe that the best explanation comes from work done by someone using the name Martha Trowbridge, who states that "Obama" is the child of Malcolm X Shabazz and Jo Ann Newman. Much of her evidence is based upon facial similarities and a picture of "Obama" with Malcolm X's glasses which she grabbed at the time of his murder. However we believe that there is much more to the evidence.
Their child was named Bari Malik Shabazz, who was most likely born in New York City, and subsequently sent to Indonesia for rearing under President Sukarno of Indonesia. He returned to the US for kindergarten, possibly Hawaii, and followed a trek east where he met up with his handler Uncle Frank Newman, a virulently radical anti-American Jew who would do anything to corrupt American society in order to weaken it, and eventually destroy it in accord with Zionism's freakish genocidal objectives to destroy all humanity in order to subjugate it to Jews.
Newman obtained his doctorate in psychology from Stanford University after which he pioneered sex therapy wherein a patient would have sex with her therapist as part of therapy. He also managed the campaigns of fringe presidential candidates who supported his radical agenda for American society. And his brother Sanford Newman was the driving force behind ACORN, the radical community group organizing votes in Chicago for the Marxist president. Frank expressed his complete hatred for the traditional family in an article he published in the 1990s, a marker of his radical agenda.
The careful observer will note that Shabazz' mother is Jewish but his father is a converted Muslim with membership at one time in the Nation of Islam. How does one explain the oxymoron? We surmised previously that Jo Ann, who is on the FBI's Most Wanted list as Elizabeth Ann Duke, was actually part of a deep intelligence operation conceived by Mossad but supported by CIA. In fact, we have obtained information that the US Army DARPA is defending Obama is his many public and legal battles regarding his identity.
The conspiracy was extraordinarily deceptive in that it required Jo Ann Newman to initiate a relationship with Malcom X in order to have his child. Malcolm was then murdered in 1965, an outcome entirely acceptable to the CIA and FBI's Hoover who hated "niggers", in order to give custody of Bari to Newman. From that moment onward, they could conceal Shabazz in a Muslim cloak, part of which reason was to antagonize Christians. Unfortunately, they found that they needed to give him a Christian cover so that he would not polarize voters too much. Thus we still have undiscerning people claiming that Shabazz is a crypto-Muslim, when in fact the Islamic features of Obama's policies are merely facades and tools to use in wars against Christians, just as Obama's Christian persona was simply a tool for fooling American voters. Thus everyone could project his religion onto Shabazz while the Zionists completely eviscerated the Christian identity of American Christians.
But the true core of Shabazz' identity and handlers is Jewish - from his mother, avuncular handler, campaign manager, White House chief of staff, cabinet members, and a host of advisers as Texe Marrs so abundantly documents.
There are some extraordinarily naïve people who believe that the truth of Shabazz' identity will be told, and that he will be brought to justice for his many frauds, forgeries, and even murders. This is nothing but lunacy. All court cases against Shabazz have been quashed by ex parte court decisions, an act of collusion between one side of a court case and the judge prohibited by federal court regulations and law. The necessity of these ex parte decisions proves that Shabazz is guilty of the charges brought against him regarding his forged identity.
The massive forgery of pictures, school documents, and contrived achievements is the blazing proof that Shabazz is an intelligence project, run by the Rothschild Mossad, and supported not only by the CIA, but by the entire US Congress. The conspiracy is that big.
Nevertheless, for those who know that Shabazz' identity is not what he claims, and who are looking for the truth, we offer our explanation. The investigation is not complete, so we will update our hypothesis as new facts in the investigation of Shabazz' biography emerge.
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