Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Commemorating the Third Reich

Such is the power of propaganda that Americans believe that the United States won World War 2 and in so doing defeated Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. On the contrary, the Third Reich is alive and well.
To understand World War 2, one must understand the politics of finance. War and finance go together like a horse and carriage; Bush was told by Satan, you can’t have one without the other. One of our correspondents reported a documentary describing a visit George Bush, Jr. had with the Brazilian President when the former held office. He advised the Brazilian to start a war since it is good for the economy. This was the lesson which the plutocrats wished to foist upon America about the Great Depression and World War 2.
They turned coincidence into causality as a means of positively associating war with prosperity. The banksters had prolonged the depression in order to time the war for this lesson. It is a reductionist application of the broken window theory, quackery which was demolished in the 19th century but revived for the 20th century fool.
But war cannot be waged without finances. Thus all significant American wars have been financed by cheap money in order to sacrifice lives in useless causes. The Federal Reserve Act was passed in order to finance American involvement in World War 1, to say nothing of the enormous transfer of wealth it presaged from the poor to the rich.
After conquering Germany in World War 1, the West, led by the Americans, imposed crippling terms on the vanquished in order to pave the way for an hysterical tyrant. Anyone would do, but it so happens that the banksters stumbled upon Adolf Hitler, a low rent corporal from World War 1, failed artist, and future mass murderer.
For anyone to think that such a person could rise to the top of the political heap without a guiding hand is a bit naive. Hitler was financed by western banksters who saw opportunity in his ascent, particularly Henry Ford who hated Jews more than he hated anything. So enamored was Hitler with Ford that he patterned Mein Kampf after Ford’s writings and proudly displayed a picture of Ford in his office for years until it embarrassed his benefactor.
Antony Sutton has documented the links between Wall Street and German financial powers who funneled money into Hitler’s cause. Hitler was completely impossible without Wall Street and German money – the kind that grows in monopolies and merchants of death.
We reported some of his findings when we wrote about the Chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey who openly supplied oil to the Nazis throughout the entire war and was found guilty by Congress. We assure you that it is the height naivety to suppose that Farish was acting on his lonesome. Standard was and remains a Rockefeller phenomenon. We are not fooled by the idea that it was simply the love of money which motivated Farish to supply his favorite dictator with much needed oil.
When the war ended, the plutocrats were as much in control as ever. While they failed in their attempt to exterminate Jews, they took the lessons of the war to devise more effective strategies for dealing with democracies such as the United States. Toward that end, they officially established the Central Intelligence Agency, and imported thousands of Nazis through Operation Paperclip, criminals who assumed important positions in American government.
The plutocrats murdered a president because Nelson Rockefeller always wanted to become president without an election, as Winthrop Rockefeller’s ex-wife testified in court. Since November 22, 1963, the Citizens of the World have had a firm grip on the US presidency.
The plan to establish the Nazi state rocketed into orbit on September 11, 2001 when the Military Industrial Complex leaders, a group which includes the Rockefellers and Bush Crime Syndicate, staged an attack on American soil in an adaptation of Operation Northwoods, first presented to Kennedy by General Lyman Lemnitzer in 1962.
The gimmick worked and America has been at war fighting the CIA’s bogeymen ever since. Manifestations of the Nazi state have been observed in the grossly named Patriot Act, the destruction of the Occupy movement, and most recently the march again Monsanto, a core member of the Nazi movement. The march against this purveyor of disease was occasioned by people realizing that genetically modified foods (GMOs) have been an evil experiment on humans without their consent and with highly deleterious consequences.
The state controlled media blacked out this story even when major demonstrations all over the world called upon Monsanto – the proud maker of Agent Orange – to stop the propagation of these deadly foods. Facebook forcibly removed references and links to information about the march in full contempt of freedom of speech and to show their authority as a Nazi overlord.
The most flagrant signs of the flourishing Nazi state come from the current administration which has used the IRS to attack Americans, uses ATT, Facebook, Google, Verizon, Boeing, and other corporate behemoths to spy on every aspect of Americans’ lives, funneling the information into computers whose capabilities defy most people’s abilities to comprehend.
Americans live in a Nazi state - the Third Reich of their forefathers - and think that their ability to buy lottery tickets and watch Dancing With the Stars is a sign of freedom. Freedom ended on their television watch.
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