Saturday, June 29, 2013

Edward Snowden, Last American Hero

Although the Nazi High Command is ferociously attacking Edward Snowden as a traitor, we applaud him as one of the most heroic figures since General Smedley Butler exposed the real reason for America’s wars of imperial aggression, namely Wall Street avarice.
Enemies of Snowden have been fierce, calling for his death. Nazi Dianne Feinstein called for the death penalty; Skull & Bones John Kerry called him despicable; Nazi Lindsay Graham vowed to chase him to the ends of the earth.  What was Snowden’s great crime, you may ask? He revealed that the United States government has the most massive spying program in place since Adolf Hitler. Or more to the point, he spoke the truth.
For this the 30 year old man has fled for his life, as CIA and other Bush Crime Syndicate elements are plotting to murder him. The United States government revoked his visa making it improbable that he will escape his capture in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport transit zone, a leg on his speculated journey to Ecuador where he was believed to seek political asylum.
Snowden is playing the guilty rape victim. You know – it’s the woman’s fault because she dressed a certain way, walked a certain way, looked a certain way to provoke her assailant. In like manner, Snowden has exposed the vast criminal enterprise of the United States government and every member of Congress has stepped forth to demonize him. They must do so in order to hide their crimes about which Snowden has spoke, the very least of which was the incident in Switzerland where US agents got a Swiss banker drunk in order to obtain secret information from him. Force is the tool of barbarians.
The spying on Americans is entirely illegal and orders of magnitude greater than J Edgar Hoover or Richard Nixon ever thought of doing in their wildest flights of fancy. Even Hitler would be green with envy over the absolute complete control which the NSA, an element of the Bush Crime Syndicate, has over America’s information network.
As Wired magazine reported last year, massive data centers in Utah siphon every last bit of data which flows across the internet. Every telephone conversation, email, text, and twitter is held forever on deposit by the Nazi data centers in order to destroy anyone who dares dissent against the Nazi regime. And when it doesn’t flow across the wire, corporate whores such ATT, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and other Nazi elements provide the information for free. Your bank is following suit.
For exposing this truth, we applaud and praise Edward Snowden, man without a country, but hero with a cause. God Bless you, Mr Snowden.
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