Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The One Minute Chronicle: Nixon, Bush, and Ruby

Much has been made of a letter written by Jack Ruby to Congressman Richard Nixon in the 1940s, but new evidence has underscored the depths of Nixon's association with organized crime and the Mafia.
Not only do we see Prescott Bush with a young Nixon, but we see Jack Ruby sandwiched between the duo of criminals. This evidence cements the ties of Nixon with the criminal underworld, allegations which would surface periodically over the years, especially with such characters as Bebe Rebozo during the dark days of Watergate.
Nixon was a tool of the Bush Crime Syndicate from the moment Prescott engineered the defeat of Congressman Voorhees of Calfornia in the 1946 Congressional election. See the link below for a photo of the three men. Ruby was more important than a small time underworld figure. He was a faithful errand boy for whatever his plutocratic masters wanted.

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