Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Understanding the Cuban Connection

New information from a couple of independent sources writing about Castro’s Cuba has caused us to re-evaluate the conventional wisdom of Cuba as an adversarial state. We now believe that it was an American vassal state used to stoke the Cold War in order to keep the Military Industrial Complex greased.
Most Americans have been told endlessly that Castro was an evil fiend who tried to murder presidents, threatened our national security, and spread the destabilizing ideology of communism in the United States. The problem with this story is its falsity.
One of our esteemed authors, Joan Mellen, has written The Great Game in Cuba, where she tells the story of struggle between the Castroites and the Cuban patriots who sought to restore a democratic and free government on the island nation. While we cannot go into the details, we have learned from it that the Central Intelligence Agency pretended to befriend the freedom fighters, but in fact betrayed them treacherously and frequently whenever their aspirations showed any promise of success.
This betrayal raises the distinct question of why? The answer is simple – namely that the CIA is a creature of the Nazi Rockefellers and their plutocratic cohorts who valued Cuba as an ostensible enemy to keep fear of the Red Menace alive.
Some will object that while the Cubans were not the central threat, their ally the USSR was a very credible threat. But this is also nonsense. The USSR was controlled by Wall Street and witnesses report of numerous meetings at the Kremlin where Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger were present – not as observers – but as active participants and directors of Soviet affairs.
Thus when the Soviets came to Cuba, it was under Rockefeller auspices. Antony Sutton wrote extensively about the presence of American capital in the Soviet Union, especially Ford Motor Company, all throughout the Vietnam era. The Soviets and Ford were manufacturing military vehicles for the North Vietnamese.
The Cuban Missile Crisis was pure theater. Even though American generals truly wanted to strike the Soviets with nuclear missiles in 1962, there was no chance of that happening with the Rockfellers in control.
Bush Crime Syndicate don George Bush, jr counseled the president of Brazil to start a war because it was good for the economy. Indeed war has been good to certain families, such as the DuPonts and Rockefellers, but it is an unmitigated disaster to the economy and to ordinary people. The broken window theory of economic growth is voodoo economics in its most obscenely twisted form.
The point is that the Bush Crime Syndicate is in league with the Rockefeller Nazis about whom we have previously written of their support of Hitler all throughout World War 2.
So Cuba simply created a pretext for war and fear. This is why Jesus spoke of wars and rumors of war. It is the rumor of war which the American Nazis have used to motivate unprecedented military expenditures which in turn are used to subjugate the tax paying populace.
Another author, Lamar Waldron, has reported in his book on Watergate that the real plan of attack in the Bay of Pigs was to assault the US Navy base at Guantanamo. When the counter-revolutionaries found out about it they refused to sacrifice themselves because they realized that they were being set up. The attack at the Bay of Pigs was never intended to succeed – it was simply a tar pit to ruin Kennedy and, more importantly, to destroy the counter-revolutionaries.
The latter goal was brilliantly accomplished as the Cubans never again posed a threat to the CIA’s Castro. Kennedy’s destruction required a bit more time, but the Rockefellers eventually caught up with him. We have covered extensively the role of the CIA, Secret Service, plutocracy, and other elements of the Military Industrial Complex’s role in the murder of Kennedy.
Regarding Castro’s warped personality, we must assume that he was an MK Ultra subject. The man was a butcher from hell, and gave 6 hour speeches the way some people watch television. The impulse to talk endlessly and ragefully is a sign of a sick man.
Much has been made of Kennedy’s rapprochement with Castro is the waning days of his presidency. There is no doubt that Kennedy attempted to reach an accord with Castro. But this flew in the face of the plutocrats’ wishes for a bogeyman in the Caribbean because peace threatens the financial well being of the plutocrats.
We recognize that much of our analysis flies in the face of the lies spewed by the propaganda press and academia, but it makes the most sense of the facts and lays bare the plans of mice and plutocrats in the land of Murder Incorporated.
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