Thursday, June 6, 2013

William Greer Murdered President Kennedy

United States Secret Service Agent William Greer ( 1909 – 1985 ) murdered President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza while working under orders from the Rockefeller cabal which engineered America’s first coup d’état.
The evidence has been hiding in plain sight though heavily encumbered by faked evidence occluding the testimony of the physical evidence. One of our correspondents, Michael Gordon, an inveterate researcher into the Kennedy case, has uncovered a book published in 2010, Murder From Within, which lays out the case against Greer.
The book was originally published by Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams, who were also its authors, when they found that the state controlled media would not handle their explosive book. You can tell a million lies without notice, but don’t ever get caught telling the truth.
The story relies upon 8 years of research by the men beginning in 1966 when Edward J Epstein’s article questioning the fraudulent Warren Commission Report provoked Newcomb, a professional photographic expert, to dig deeply into the case.
Their results are astonishing with Dealey Plaza being one, but not the only, focal point of the action. The drama began with a stray shot fired from one of the many shooters and assassins ringing the Plaza, a signal to open fire. The second shot came from behind the fence on the grassy knoll which hit Kennedy in the throat. Jackie Kennedy looked to her husband to ask what was wrong as the President clutched his throat.
At about the same time, John Connally (1917-1993), sitting by the limousine’s right window behind Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman, turned to his right to watch the president, most likely because he wanted to witness the President’s death. At the moment Connally was facing the President, Jackie abruptly stared at Connally for an extended period. The reason for this strange attention to the Texas Governor was because he was reacting – and quite verbally we imagine – to a point blank gun shot fired straight at his back. Two other stray shots from the Dal-Tex building hit the limousine windshield and windshield frame.
When Greer, the President's Secret Service driver, realized that the President was not dead, he used his pistol to murder Kennedy point blank from the front at which point Jackie paniced and attempted to escape the murder mobile only to be rebuffed by Clint Hill shoving her back into the limousine. At least two more stray rifle shots were fired. Greer suddenly acceleratesd to Parkland Memorial Hospital where they press the doctors quickly for a death certificate in order to swear-in Johnson as president.
Meanwhile, the bubble top of the limousine is installed so that Secret Service agents can immediately wash down the interior of the vehicle to scrub it for any evidence.
At Parkland Secret Service agents secured every phone in order to prevent anyone from calling out to report news. The Secret Service also commandeered the body in order to whisk it back to Washington for a fake autopsy and removal of any forensic evidence showing a frontal head wound.
While at the hospital, the Secret Service also spread the rumor that an agent has been shot so that it could assert federal jurisdiction over the entire Dallas area in order to claim the slain president's body. Under Texas law, any murder on Texas soil is strictly the jurisdiction of the state. Secret Service agents threatened reluctant doctors with murder to relinquish the body, thus concluding the coup.
Much of this narrative contradicts in key places points we have made previously. Although we have long advocated a frontal shot, we had assumed that it took place by a trained sniper near the Stemmons underpass. Even with high powered scopes, this maneuver is difficult against a moving target, one reason why Greer stopped the president's vehicle. However, when the other assassins failed in their attempts, Greer had to stop the vehicle to murder the president.
When we reported earlier the overwhelming evidence supporting an altered Zapruder film, we thought the reason was to obscure the frontal assault. While the CIA was only partially successful in that task, the main reason for the alteration was to remove evidence of a stopped vehicle, and to omit any evidence of Greer’s treason by regicide. The Zapruder film sustained serious corruptions, something which the original developers have testified to Douglas Horne.
While the Secret Service was an organic part of the coup, they were still under operational direction from the CIA, which in turn is the operational arm of the Rockefeller Nazi syndicate which rules the country through its fabulous wealth.
We were skeptical of Greer’s guilt at first – not because he was not a murderer – but because of the audacity and lack of evidence for such a case. But the surviving evidence shows his body movements to be in concert with the head shot to Kennedy and explains how both Connally and Kennedy were shot at so quickly.
When Connally was in the hospital, he ordered his state security to guard his room and the building and to allow absolutely no Secret Service agents near. When he yelled in the limousine that “they are going to kill both of us,” he knew the plot since he was extremely instrumental in luring Kennedy to Dallas and to the kill zone. Thus we ponder why the revolutionaries wished to murder a co-conspirator.
This explanation of John Kennedy’s death is breath taking, but it fits the most facts. If anyone is still looking at Oswald as the assassin, we invite him to apply for a timeshare in our deluxe bridge stretching from here to Shangri-La.

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Mike Walster said...
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Debele Mojo said...
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dalethorn said...

It's right there on the Z film, with some reflections painted over, but it's still there.

Larry1942 said...

I interviewed Fred Newcomb in 1992 and can always remember when he told me that one of President Johnson's first orders was to have Congressman Henry Gonzales carry Gov. Connelly's coat out in a paper sack because that coat would have powder burns on it from Greer's gun. Gonzales hung that coat in a a closet in Washington D.C. for some time and later gave it to Nellie who laundered it making it useless for forensic evidence.

Anonymous said...

You are correct sir. Well done and explained as a road map to realization of the truth for those willing to recognize all the evidence points to the two shots by Greer. The throat shot was plainly a marking wound to signify Kennedy was talking too much. Vatican approved in all likelihood. The mass renaming of airports etc Kennedy was part of the diversion of public inquiry. The delay on Z film release, then the JFK affairs disclosed to discredit, the doofus house committee, Posner and the others made a cottage industry of belittling the truth, Stone's film perpetuates the grassy knoll myth -- lousy angle re Jackie -- and so it goes. MSM is owed by the syndicate, so it will be continual shoutdown. Jean Hill and the guy on the overpass -- best situated, told the WC they saw shots coming "from right there in the car." The kid who was running and taking pictures swore a statement that he saw one of the limo's SS guys brandishing a gray metal colored handgun. And of course in an operation this big -the Big Event - one needs a failsafe, and who better than the driver? The Muchmore film from the other side shows it all, including the old guy in the red shirt who fingers Greer. Funny thing, no one ever tracked this guy down. Old guys like that like to talk. But he high-tailed it out of there. Wouldn't you if you saw what he saw?
The evidence is already there. All the hidden records will be destroyed in a fire before they are released, because that will lead to the perpetrators.
But We the People will never be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Oh I would opine that a total of four shots were fired in Dealey Plaza, and all of them were actually fired from a pistol. Where the first shot originated from was unclear, but it was likely fired by one of the Secret Service agents seated in the vehicle following behind LBJ's limousine. Naturally, this opening salvo not only served as a distraction, but a signal to Greer that the coup was in motion. Accordingly, the second shot was fired by Greer just as the presidential limousine approached the road sign which struck the president squarely in the throat. Almost immediately, Roy Kellerman (the front passenger of the JFK limousine) turned to his left to observe the president's condition. Seeing that the president was merely wounded, Kellerman then turned back around, but said nothing to Greer as this was the signal that the president had not been taken out. The third and fourth shots were fired in rapid succession by Greer which struck Governor Connally's left shoulder, and then the president's left temporal region. There was a Secret Service agent stationed in the grassy knoll area, but his task was merely to radio ahead the 'all clear' when the objective had been attained. You see, the slaying of President Kennedy had to be a sure thing, and the conspirators were hardly going to place their faith on the marksmanship of distant sharpshooters. Regardless, we both know that a coup had taken place on that fateful day in Dallas.

Tony Bonn said...

after much consideration of Greer shooting the president, I have lowered it to low possibility. The professional assassins ringing dealey plaza were perfectly capable of hitting the president, and to help them, greer stopped the limousine for 15-30 seconds if not longer. greer had too much responsibility to get the president in the kill zone to take on the extra duties of shooting the president.