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JFK: In This 50th Year

As we approach the 50th year since the assassination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, we summarize the case which decisively vindicates conspiracy theorists.

While fully realizing that new facts continue to emerge, we believe, nonetheless, that our thesis will remain unmodified by future discoveries.

Although one could write another book on all of the details of the assassination, we wish to focus on just a few key points, the first of which is that Lee Oswald did not kill the president. Lee Oswald was a highly valuable intelligence agent who worked under the CIA’s false defector program, possibly owned by the State Department, but administered by the CIA.
Oswald worked in various intelligence capacities for such agencies as the CIA, FBI, ONI, Merchant Marine, and possibly other federal organizations. As such, it is absolutely impossible to claim that Oswald was a lone nut who had marginal attachments to life or who was prone to committing random acts of violence.

Oswald did not even shoot at the president. Not only did one witness place him in the lunch room of the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the murder, but another witness, Victoria Adams, demonstrates that it was absolutely impossible for anyone to have shot at the president from the TSBD. We cover this topic in another blog posting, but there was no one on the 5th or 6th floors, to say nothing of Oswald firing at the president.
Once the truth is fully revealed, we will understand that Oswald was working as an FBI agent to identify the assassins and to thwart the murder of the president.
The second major point is that a rich body of forensic evidence is now available demonstrating that the shots which killed the president came from the front - not by the grassy knoll – but from the overpass. This proves a conspiracy to kill and to conceal a crime for it required the framing of an innocent man to perform deeds which were not physically possible.
The third major point we wish to make is that the framing of Oswald has required enormous resources, the kind of which only large federal and private entities could wield. It required the elaborate hoax of the Warren Commission to confabulate a boondoggle of lies, falsehoods, and comedy in its famous 26 volume report, complete with a nonsensical theory about a single bullet killing a president, wounding a governor, and exiting both persons in nearly pristine condition.
The perpetrators erected an elaborate scaffolding of lies which required a full time mob of enforcers, liars, and murderers at the highest reaches of power to silence witnesses, terminate investigations, and obstruct justice – as Lyndon Johnson did the first evening of his presidency. Others lent their professional expertise and tax payer dollars to stage a faked autopsy as Curtis Lemay arranged, while others in the CIA controlled news media would come forth annually like a cuckoo clock to retell the original lies of the Warren Commission Report which even Johnson ridiculed in private.
President Eisenhower warned of the murder when he spoke of the Military Industrial Complex – a euphemism for Wall Street Fascism. The very same Wall Street barons who created Hitler and World War 2 murdered Kennedy. Prescott Bush and Averill Harriman were key players but by no means solo murderers. The Rockefellers under Standard Oil established slave labor camps in Poland prior to the onset of World War 2, and continued to sell oil to the Nazis all throughout the war. These are the men who rule the world and they brook no challenge to their power.
We know from many people that the federal government answers to powerful forces from the outside. Catherine Austin Fitts , who held a senior post under Jack Kemp during the Bush, Sr. administration, has told of being countermanded by people whom she said were more powerful than her immediate boss and the president.
Only the plutocrats of Wall Street, the owners of the Federal Reserve, and masters of vast oil enterprises could wield such power. We have named names in other blog posts, but a huge coalition of the willing conspired to murder the president and they are marquee names in the American establishment. We repeat that the Rockefeller Axis of Evil using the Bush Crime Syndicate, which in turn used the CIA, ordered, planned, executed, and covered up the crime of the century.
But what motives did they have? The same motives they had in fomenting World War 2 through their puppet Adolph Hitler. They wanted to rule the world, to control society. They had so much money that a new project was required to feed their ravenous carnal lusts – conquest and control.
Kennedy posed a threat to their unbridled ambitions. His policies in Viet Nam, detente with the USSR, conciliation with Cuba, Civil Rights, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and other tendencies toward peace rather than toward war, angered the plutocrats and the Best and Brightest who saw national identity and foreign policy through the eyes of warriors carried by the winds of war to distant and domestic lands to subdue – all to create a New World Order – the catch phrase of both Adolph Hitler and George Bush, Sr.
These hyenas had murdered and removed so many foreign leaders from power in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere that  removing one at home was nothing but business as usual.
Different people had motives for killing Kennedy – the CIA objected to possible drug use, Henry Luce objected to Kennedy’s handling of the steel strikes, Allan Dulles fumed over Bay of Pigs, and the Rockefellers thought Kennedy an impudent parvenu without portfolio.
It will take another generation or two before these facts are accepted and understood by Americans but the truth will out, as it always does. In this 50th year, we will not move on; rather, we will stand our ground to trumpet the truth until justice is served.

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