Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Cure for the Common Cold and Cancer

They all laughed when I said that I could cure the common cold, and they laughed even harder when I suggested it would cost a fraction of traditional treatments. Although the cold has baffled American doctors for decades, its  cause and cure are rather simple - toxemia and detoxification. The bonus is that cancer is cured through similar treatment.
We know that many of you subscribe to some pathenogenic theory of the cold – namely that it is caused by germs, viruses, bacteria, or some combination thereof. I recall reading an article on one of those fancy medical sites – the ones edited or supervised by doctors – describing research into colds. Experimenters have tried desperately to pass the cold from one person to the other – even going so far as to have people ingest the snot and saliva of those with colds. Nothing succeeded.
Equally so is that after trillions of dollars have been spent on cancer research, orthodox medicine men can no more cure it than the common cold. Something tells us that we are being take for a ride. If colds and cancer are not infectious, then one must contract the affliction through internal mechanisms. Consulting doctors from 3 or 4 generations ago, we discovered that the common cold and cancer have the same etiology - toxemia.

The body has three principle means of eliminating toxins - bowels, kidneys, and pores. When these organs are impaired, the body seeks expurgation through the nasal passages which are easily overwhelmed with the toxins, resulting in a cold.

Not only would we agree with that conclusion but we would go one step farther by stating that colds are also caused by fatigue. When the body undergoes sufficient stress in the presence of inadequate rest and blood hygeine, it will succumb to the common cold - because these stresses impair oxidation.

But there are other stressors or inhibitors of oxidation, the chief one by far being spinal subluxations which impair the nerve signals which operate all of the vital organs of the body. When the nerves are compromised, the body's natural oxidation process breaks down leaving it vulnerable to toxin buildup which can lead to cancer in extreme cases. The required cure is removal of toxins and jump starting of the body's oxidation process.

Each person’s stress tolerance is different, but we all need rest, whose deprivation, scientists are discovering, leads to all manners of illness and dysfunction. Sleep scientists have only within the past 2-3 decades discovered what we knew from generational wisdom that the maxim of sleeping 8 hours per night is wise counsel.

Many people lead hectic lives, working heavy hours, catering to the kids’ diverse schedules, or living lives of exhaustion which cause the body to break.

Cold weather, for example, is not sufficient to cause a cold, but if weather turns abruptly cold or the body is not sufficiently insulated from it, the resulting stress on the body may lead to a cold and its attendant symptoms.
We will be attacked for our advice since we are not medical doctors, but are not afraid to exercise our God given brains and the work of eminently qualified physicians who have successfully treated cancer without resort to the quackery promoted by the American medical establishment. Our real enemies are the drug companies who wage war against anyone offering health strategies which do not involve drugs, chemicals, and surgery. It is professional suicide to advocate homeopathic or natural cures for ailments, or chiropractic, a topic which we will address in another blog postings.
So the best prescription to those who suffer colds is to catch up on rest, refrain from eating to allow the body to catch up on waste removal, but consume water, and escape stress as much as possible. Chicken noodle soup is prescribed since its pleasant aroma relaxes the mind to reduce stress.
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Aaron Lawrence said...

Colds are not infectious? Is this article supposed to be sarcastic?

Tony Bonn said...

Colds are absolutely *not* infectious. as i pointed out, scientists have tried in vain to effect contagion. there is no sarcasm in the thesis at all.

when you cough or sneeze you can spread other germs, but since there is no such thing as a cold germ, you can't spread it.

i am planning a follow up article with a little more detail. i know that this thesis contradicts conventional wisdom, but the latter is not based on science.

Anonymous said...

I remember the test you site of many yrs ago. I think it was Stanford & they found that direct innoculation of the mucous membranes via fingers in eyes or nose did cause effects of cold symptoms. This does not support the 'germ theory' as we daily fight germs but is a matter of a healthy, or not, immune system. Difficiency of proper nutrients or excess,i.e.,toxicity of various elements,including stressors,either psychological and/or physiological, as you note, may be the causitive factors to consider. Chicken soup 'for the soul' does have its comforting benefits.