Thursday, March 28, 2013

News Flash: American Troops Fighting Chinese in Africa

United States military troops are engaged in hot conflict with Chinese troops in Africa, according to Jim Willie, publisher of the Hat Trick newsletter. He reports that American military personnel are being flown back to the USA to receive treatment for injuries sustained in combat with Chinese forces.
The cause of the conflict is control over Africa’s vast mineral wealth which neo-colonial American leadership is trying to wrest away from native sovereign governments in a bid to deny access to the Chinese who already control significant quantities of rare earths and other industrially and militarily important mineral supplies.
Fighting is occurring in the south of the continent, with some conflicts near and around Djibouti, a small nation located on the horn of Africa bordering Ethiopia.
This news follows the widely reported assaults by American client forces in Mali who recently invaded the country to claim control of that nation’s gold mines, an act which some analysts attribute to the recent request by Germany to repatriate its gold.
Reports from both Zero Hedge and the Gold Anti Trust Association indicate that New York banks long ago leased out most American and German gold in an effort to suppress the price of gold, thus masking the signs of severe weakness in America’s currency and bond markets.
Willie also reported the movements of significant US Air Force elements which we infer are supporting the Sino-American war. Indeed senior Chinese leaders have recently visited the continent, undoubtedly for the purpose of receiving first hand reports of the conflict.
Willie further mentioned a massive building scheme of underground cities in the USA, and railroads connecting Langley, VA and Denver. We suspect that additional stealth transportation routes connect the massive spy center in Utah which records all telephone conversations, financial transactions, email, web usage, and other sources of communications.
Although he did not indicate the reason for these gargantuan infrastructure developments, we suspect that they are related to war mobilization, command, and control, and the imposition of martial law in anticipation of nuclear war.
Another morsel of information which Willie revealed was the development of an Eastern Asia trading zone which explicitly excludes the USA. This move, led by the Chinese, is part of a greater effort by Russian and Chinese leaders to isolate the USA which has engaged in epic financial fraud of all nations of the earth, as well as engaged in the largest drug trade in the world.
We suspect that the Medlin Cartel of Columbia was put out of business by the Bush Crime Syndicate and its CIA forces as a means of consolidating and monopolizing the international drug trade. Willie had previously reported, and with confirmation from another un-named source, that George Bush Sr had bailed out Bank of America in 2010 using his enormous stash of drug money.
Indeed, the Russians recently seized an extraordinarily large shipment of heroin in Afghanistan, produced by the USA, for distribution in Russia. The USA produces enormous quantities of heroin for international distribution whose revenues are laundered by the Iraqi Export Bank which is wholly owned and managed by JPMorgan Chase.
Synthesizing other information supplied by Willie, we are able to piece together the nodes in the world’s largest narcotics trade which begins in Afghanistan which was conquered by Americans, in part, to supply the poppies which are then converted into heroin. The heroin is shipped to Kosovo for further distribution into Russia and possibly other parts of Europe and America. Money is funneled through the Vatican where it is exchanged into gold. Sales of the gold are arbitraged in other markets where it is returned to the Iraqi Export Bank for financing additional terrorist activities of the CIA.
When we refer to the United States, we refer principally to the powerful invisible forces who govern the nation, principally the Rockefeller Nazis and their bankster confederates who run the USA government and European Union. Chinese and Russian leaders have retaliated by the commencement of various isolation tactics which will leave the banksters increasingly solitary in their imperial aggressions. The highest strategic aim of the Eastern Trading zone is to pry the United Kingdom from the American orbit. Simultaneously, the Russians and Chinese are in the early stages of dumping European bonds.
There is so much more information to develop from Jim Willie, but we leave this report as a down payment for future news flashes.


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