Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Continuing Vatican Scandal

[Editor's Note: This article may highly offend our Catholic readers, so discretion is requested. We do not intend to offend those who are innocent of the misdeeds reported below, but we do not shy away from the truth.]

The recent news of Pope Benedict's resignation surprised the world as a near Black Swan event, the first papal resignation in 600 years. But those believing that his resignation is due to the frailties of old age might be candidates for a time share in the Brooklyn Bridge. The real reason for his departure is to be out of the room when feces hit the fan over the Roman Catholic Church’s trail of scandals.
The corruption of the Roman church is legendary and stretches back over centuries, so the eruption of yet another scandal should surprise no one with a modicum of objectivity and historical perspective. The sexual molestations and rapes of boys and men by Roman Catholic cardinals continue unabated as a recent ABC News report made clear.
The latest scandal involves the Cardinal of Los Angeles, Roger Mahoney, who has been accused of sexually assaulting seminary students for years. According to Jim Willie, there are strong indications that these sexual rituals practiced in the Vatican were the straw which broke the Pontiff’s back, leading to his decision to resign.
We believe that this story ultimately ties in to the male prostitute rings operated by GOP heavy hitters in the Midwest and which saw a burgeoning of missing children appearing on milk cartons in the 1970s and 1980s because they had been abducted into slave prostitution. The sex ring still operates today and involved the first Bush White House with the “suicide” of lobbyist Craig Spence in 1989, with one witness reporting George Bush, Sr as a paying customer for underage girls at one power party.
The confluence of political and religious power explains why the sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church continues, and why these clerical criminals are protected in the USA. The furor over the scandal from the 1990s may have subsided, but the assaults have not followed suit. All of that come to Jesus malarkey displayed by the Church was but crocodile tears.
But that is not all to the story of the former and avid Hitler Youth. Willie also reports that the Vatican is in the crosshairs of criminal investigators who link it with drug money laundering having its origins in Afghanistan. Willie previously reported the bailout of Bank of America – with Italian roots – by George Bush, Sr. who loaned it his enormous pile of drug money in 2010 – heroin being one of the chief exports of Afghanistan and most likely the primary reason for America’s aggression in that country outside of the desire for a pipeline from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean expanding the tentacles of the Seven Sisters.
With impending exposures of drug laundering, it is no wonder that the Pope wants to be out of Dodge when indictments start flying and paparazzi start flashing.

While we acknowledge the need for a trial to evaluate the evidence, substantial legal documents paint a damning picture of the Cardinal and the Vatican, as ABC News reported. We are not holding our breath for justice as the men involved in these sordid affairs frequently control the levers of justice.


Gritty Questions on the Historic Collapse, Jim Willie, 2/27/2013,

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