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How David Rockefeller Selected Jimmy Carter for President

To most Americans, the idea that a powerful plutocrat could anoint a president seems rather preposterous, but as Gary Allen reported in his book Jimmy Carter / Jimmy Carter, that is precisely how Carter ascended to the presidency.
In the wake of Watergate, the Rockefeller cabal needed a suitable Democrat replacement since their polling indicated that a Republican’s chance of election were not much better than a snowball’s survival in hell.
Their poll results indicated that a “progressive” southern Democrat sported the best chance of winning the election, no doubt due to the growing electoral significance of the South, but also in recognition of the nation’s increasing rightward tilt – at least rhetorically so.
In 1973 David Rockefeller invited Florida governor Reubin Askew and Georgia governor Jimmy Carter to his Tarrytown, New York estate for dinner to discuss the proposition of either one of them running for president.
Prior to this point, the Rockefeller controlled media began juicing Carter’s political engines by doing favorable puff pieces for Carter extolling his New South credentials in order to make him more palatable to traditional coastal liberals and moderate Midwesterners.
Allen states that Rockefeller chose Carter over Askew because the Georgia governor showed much more ruthless ambition than his southern neighbor. In order to make Carter more pliable, they maneuvered him into deceiving his banker and friend Bert Lance to shovel bank depositor funds into Carter’s peanut business which was subsequently deposited back into the bank to serve as the basis for campaign matching funds.
This illegal campaign fraud would later envelop Lance when he outlived his usefulness, resulting in his resignation as OMB Director in Carter's first year. Lance was also implicated in other bank fraud in connection with BCCI in the late 1980s.

Once elected, Carter honored Rockefeller’s wish to fill his cabinet with Council on Foreign Relations and Tri Lateral Commission alumni in pursuit of his Grand Design for merging the USSR and USA into a single political union.
In the end the rightward tilt left threw Carter off his perch with the Iran Hostage Crisis fiasco which happened to be instigated by none other than David Rockefeller.

An Interview with Gary Allen by John Rees, The Review of the News, February 27, 1980,

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Terry Hildebrand said...

I am not familiar with Gary Allen, nor do have any idea about the veracity of his information and evidence, but the story certainly seems plausible.

Recall also how David Rockefeller's brother Nelson had a burning ambition to sit in the White House. He almost got his wish in 1975. He managed to get himself appointed VP after suspicious maneuverings got Agnew ejected from his position on corruption charges that went back many years. Then in 1975, on two separate occasions, two women, attempted to assassinate Pres. Ford. These women seemed to be subjects of some kind of mind control or psychological manipulation. Subsequently, Ford dumped Nelson as his running mate in the 1976 election in favor of the more reliable and dependable, if lackluster, Bob Dole.

The book Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest if the Amazon, Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil tells of Nelson's strong interest in and financial support for the MKUltra program and mind control.

It is no wonder that Jerry Ford's wife was a nervous wreck, and drug and alcohol dependent with all of the intrigues her husband was in the midst of, including his position in the infamous Warren Commission.

Tony Bonn said...

the 2 ford assassins were most emphatically mind control subjects, most likely working for George bush through nelson Rockefeller. bush also was responsible for the murder of john lennon through another mind control subject.

recall that Winthrop rockefeller's wife testified in court that the Rockefeller brothers assembled a couple of times a year to figure out how nelson could become president without an election. I believe that we saw that attempt.

I totally agree with your assessment of betty ford. I have stated your exact thoughts to others before. ford was indeed one of the murderers - accessory after the fact - of president john f kennedy.

Terry Hildebrand said...

What you say about Winthrop's ex-wife's testimony in the divorce suit is intriguing and credible. Is there a source for this testimony, such as some publicly accessible website? I would like to read about what she said for myself in greater detail.

Tony Bonn said...

I believe that the source about the mini presidential conventions at Winthrop's house was either gary allen or possibly Sherman skolnick. unfortunately I do not have a specific citation.

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