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First Impressions: A Choice Not an Echo

We occasionally come across literary gems, such as Phyllis Schlafly’s A Choice Not an Echo,  which take us down political memory lane. In it she confirms the allegation that the Republican Party is a franchise of the Eastern Liberal Establishment which selects Republicans In Name Only to run for office.

The book, which was a best seller, was written during the 1964 presidential election to spur the party faithful to nominate Barry Goldwater as the people’s choice of the Republican National Convention.

Ms Schlafly (1924 - ) is an old school Republican activist stalwart who held sway from the early 1960s to the mid 1980s, still active in various enterprises she established over the years. Her involvement in Republican politics stretches back to the 1940s, and it is from this view that she authored her book exposing the control with which the Rockefeller elements rule and ruin the party.
Starting in 1936, the plutocratic Republicans used their money to nominate candidates who were, as Schlafly calls them, “American Last” proponents. These men sought the goals of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which at the time were war oriented, for the war engorged the pockets of the plutocrats financing and equipping military operations.
In 1940, the plutocrats used barrels of cash and their control of the mass media to orchestrate a faux grass roots quell for Wendell Willkie who was only months before his nomination a registered Democrat. Thomas Dewey was trotted out for the 1944 and 1948 elections to make sure that an internationalist was kept in office, with supporters of grass roots favorite Robert Taft targeted with smears and illegal intimidations.
The Rockefeller appointed Eisenhower earns some admiration from Schlafly, but she again documents how he was elected through bribing of delegates, physical intimidation, and illegal maneuvering of delegates, including the seating of democrats at the Republican convention.
Although Nixon was never accepted as an Eastern Establishment son, he was a useful political whore who prostituted himself for Rockefeller’s CFR. His running mate Henry Cabot Lodge sabotaged Nixon by canceling campaign appearances in order to stay home to watch television.
While much of this information is long in the public domain, it has been concealed by establishment historians and newsfakers who present the grand illusion that elections are subject to the decisions and votes of the people. Such is most emphatically not the case.
The real value of the book is that it names names. Some are recognizable; others obscure. The Rockefellers, particularly Nelson, figure prominently. Other kingmakers include Thomas Lamont (JP Morgan), Thomas Cochran (JP Morgan), Alfred Sloan (General Motors), Ogden Mills, Eugene Meyer (Washington Post), Winthrop Aldrich ( President Chase Manhattan Bank), Ogden Reid (publisher New York Herald Tribune), Lord Lothian (British ambassador to US), John Pillbury (Pillsbury mills), George Gallup (Gallup Poll),  Thomas Dewey (presidential candidate), Tex McCrary (Republican operative), Arthur Sulzburger ( publisher New York Times), Oveta Hobby (owner Houston Post),  Henry Luce (Time Life), Sherman Adams, Henry Lodge,  John Fine (Governor Pennsylvania), George Romney( Governor of Michigan), and others.
While this list includes a small number who simply played dirty politics by bribing, intimidating, and arm twisting, the others selected the Republican presidential nominee and then spent fabulous sums of money to make it happen. Presidential politics is not a sport for the people.
One topic of special interest is Pearl Harbor which Schlafly notes was instigated by the Roosevelt administration both by acts of commission and omission. In particular, he refused to negotiate with the pro American Japanese government of Prince Konoye, a story which the New York Times picked up in 1998 - some 30 years later!
One interesting ploy she documents in several elections is the use of fake polls, especially those conducted by George Gallup. He would never disclose his sampling techniques because it was subsequently discovered that his sizes were too small or too skewed. But the sheep followed the herd because the lies were irresistible.
The most consistent ruse used by the plutocrats is the electability charade. They conduct internal polling which always shows that Republicans can only win with a “moderate” candidate who “appeals to independents.” Thus a spectacular string of losers were selected by the plutocrats because they were “electable”: Landon, Wilkie, Dewey, Nixon, Ford, Bush, Dole, McCain, and Romney.
So what was the goal of the plutocrats? It was largely to retain in office, whether Republican or Democrat, those men who were most loyal to the CFR goals, whether they were for war or disarmament.
After reading this book, we were reminded of the completely mindless Vote or Die slogan of the Soetoro 2008 campaign. Only the most naïve minds can believe that individuals select presidential candidates either at conventions or in the general elections. The kingmakers’ candidate almost always wins.
A Choice Not an Echo, Phyllis Schlafly, 1964

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