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Research Note: The Relationship Between John Mitchell and Nelson Rockefeller

Some writers have asserted a personal attorney client relationship between President Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell (1913 - 1988 ) and billionaire Nelson Rockefeller (1908 - 1979). Although we may be splitting hairs over its nature, we must question that the relationship existed.

One author who has written of such an association is Paul Drockton who states that Mitchell was Rockefeller’s personal attorney. Steven Ambrose, who may have been the source of the claim, makes the same statement according to Will Banyan.

The significance of the alleged relationship is that it is another example of Rockefeller’s tentacles reaching into the White House, and is often used to buttress the case that Rockefeller surrounded Nixon with his lieutenants to do his bidding. The relationship is also used to illustrate how Rockefeller, through Mitchell, setup Nixon in a cushy position following his defeat in California’s gubernatorial race in order to puff him up for the 1968 presidential election.
The foregoing paragraph is a mouth full, but requires some dissection. Gary Allen, who was on the leading edge of conspiracy analysis in the 1960s and 1970s, reported that Mitchell's law firm handled Chase Manhattan's trust business, but stops short of naming Mitchell as Rockefeller's personal attorney.
Indeed the Rockefeller Archive Center declares that John Mitchell was never the personal attorney of Nelson Rockefeller. Mitchell was bond counsel for Governor Rockefeller when he created his moral obligation bonds as a means of defying the voters of New York who did not want the extravagant spending planned by Rockefeller.
However, Allen does state that Elmer Bobst arranged for the employment of Nixon in Mitchell's law firm following the failed gubernatorial run. Whether this arrangement involved Rockefeller directly is unknown, but Nixon became the latter's neighbor in New York once Nixon took up his new position.
In some people's minds, this null relationship between Mitchell and Rockefeller undermines the general thesis of Rockefeller's controlling interest in Nixon since there is now no pathway between Rockefeller and Nixon. Since the relationship between the first two men was more of an official business relationship rather than private or personal, it means that the distance between them is greater than suspected or asserted. However, this does not alter the basic narrative that Rockefeller surrounded Nixon with his men. Indeed, Nixon appointed the most Council on Foreign Relations alumni to his administration of any president up to that point.
Nor does the absence of Mitchell's agency mean that Nixon and Rockefeller did not have a close knit political relationship. It is conceivable that Mitchell acted upon Rockefeller's wishes to provide sanctuary for Nixon until it was time to dust him off for the 1968 election with Bobst as the intermediary.
The CFR, a creature of the Rockefellers, is blatant in its goals to obliterate the Constitution in favor of one world government, with none other than the CFR and fellow travelers ruling the world. David Rockefeller has conceded as much in his biography.
We admit that the point of contesting the alleged Mitchell - Rockefeller relationship is slim, but worth noting so that one does not sustain a fact deficit when confronting the militant NWO partisans.

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