Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 Election Post Mortem

The 2016 Election may have been the most bitter and vitriolic since the 1980 presidential election which pitted Jim Carter, John Anderson, and Ronald Reagan against each other, with Reagan winning a landslide in spite of shrill warnings from the political media that world war 3 would engulf us upon Reagan's inauguration.

While we cannot cover all of the lessons from the election, 3 points stand out regarding the prognostications, the interpretation, and the aftermath of the election. We supported no candidate from either party.

The first point is that the predictions of a Clinton victory - most of them described as overwhelming - were very wrong, but nearly every pundit has failed to provide the correct reason. They usually mew about how the profession will drive itself into extinction if it doesn't mend its ways. One hack from CBS submitted an essay to Zero Hedge lamenting his and his peers' aloofness from flyover country, pretending to do better the next time.

In a similar vein, other talking and writing heads assured us that news anchors and hosts were so enthralled with the smell of victory that they threw caution to the win in proclaiming their favorite icon Madame President.

Neither of these explanations is correct. The reason why the news media failed epically in predicting the outcome of the election is that it is not in the business of reporting the news, but rather in making it.

In other words, they use their vast resources to manipulate people into voting as they are told. They attempted to shame people into thinking that voting for Donald Trump was a plebeian gesture worthy of only someone with a GED.

The press is owned and operated by the CIA, with CNN's Cooper Anderson being a poster child of Operation Mockingbird in action. He is a CIA agent or asset who worked overtime supporting the CIA's husband and wife couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The second point is that Donald Trump was in most respects an anti-Clinton vote. While Trump's supporters were more energized than Clinton's, part of that energy welled up from loathing of Hillary Clinton whom even a retired senior FBI agent called leader of a crime family.

The final point is that the Democrats proved themselves to be juvenile punks, quite fitting for the party of war. For the second night in a row, the punks have taken to the streets to vent their fury over their electoral losses, even going on a shooting rampage to murder people who voted against their wills.

The Democrat party is the war party - that is what these gun control hypocrites are all about. They bomb foreign nations senseless to support Jewish aggression, and take to the streets to burn down cities when they can't get their left winged national mongrelization policies enacted.

Democrats, using false flag tactics, started World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Viet Nam, Ukraine, Syria, and determined to start a war with Russia. And let's not forget the riots at the 1968 Democrat convention.

The Clintons are murderers, liars, traitors, and scum who should be arrested for crimes against the United States, as well as for all of the murders they have committed. Before the election, Hillary called for using a drone on Julian Assange, just as "Obama" did when he murdered US citizens with drones.

The CIA is furious over its loss. It invested millions in the Clintons, and expected a return by placing Hillary in the White House where she could give away every last US secret to the Rothschild colony of Israel.

Most people do not know that Hillary's father was a Jewish mobster which is why Clinton gave secrets to Israel, and hired Victoria Nuland to instigate the war in the Ukraine.

We cannot possibly say that Trump will be a good president, but we certainly know that Hillary Clinton would have been a bad one. Her death will be a great gain for this nation. She is not going away until her health problems overtake her.

Copyright 2016 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.


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