Monday, November 14, 2016

2016 Election Is Not Over

Despite Hillary Clinton's pretentious hypocritical jeering of Donald Trump for his alleged refusal to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election, the campaign loser told yet another one of her lies by engaging with George Soros to overturn the electoral results of November 8.

George Soros is well known for his financing of color revolutions in Europe, one of the latest and most spectacularly disastrous being that in Ukraine which ripped the country asunder following the Jewish instigated Maidan Square protests. Fellow Jew Victoria Nuland, under Clinton's and Obama's orders, orchestrated fake protesters to overturn the results of the Ukraine election, an act which plunged the country into civil war. Soros was part of the CIA backed operation which stole the 33 tons of gold Ukraine held in its reserves when the country capitulated to the Rothschild-US robbery.

Soros and Clinton are using their regime change skills on the United States, leveraging not only Soros' immense wealth, but that of the Rothschilds. Clinton is the heir of her father's Jewish crime mob in Chicago, giving the crook access to the necessary paid protestors who are ravaging American cities as they are joined by Democrats excited to see civil war.

A paid operative in North Carolina has launched an unprecedented operation to bribe or intimidate state electors to the Electoral College to vote for Clinton. Clinton has expressed contempt for the Constitutionally established institution which elects presidents.

In addition, Soros and Clinton have launched secession movements in several states, the most notable of which is California.

The Democrat National Committee fully endorses the violence and has not once in any condemned or denounced it.

The Democrat protestors coast to coast have destroyed businesses, automobiles, and other private property. Portland, OR has been the scene of intense violence which the police, according to Zero Hedge, attributes to paid protestors. The Clinton News Network mocked a Trump voter who was beaten by Clinton protestors saying, "Oh the poor white voter got beat up. boo hoo hoo hoo."

CNN stands by the violence and mockery of the victim, while police officials did nothing to protect him, nor will the district attorneys prosecute the thugs. Americans are now forced to take up vigilante justice in order to protect their persons and property.

To help orchestrate all of this violence, Soros, Clinton, Rothschild, and Bush Crime Syndicate interests are meeting in Washington, DC this week to plan further attacks on the United States. USA Today is complicit in the treason by presenting the protestors as ordinary working class people seeking regime change.

Zero Hedge has also reported universities and colleges condoning violence against Trump supporters which we interpret as giving them time off class to perpetrate violence and rage.

Clinton supporters need not worry about Trump fulfilling any of his campaign promises though we support his desire to build a wall on the Mexican border. The chief of police of Los Angeles, Charlie Beck, said that he would defy any law requiring him to deport undocumented aliens. He said that his department determines the basis for deportation, and that no federal law has any standing in his jurisdiction. It remains the task of an ambitious lawyer to try the Beck Doctrine in court to determine if any defendant could avoid conviction on the grounds which Beck has established.

As Howe as noted, the United States is in the 4th turning of a periodic cycle of historically significant movements, the ending of which is always violent. With the Jewish Clinton-Soros-Rothschild mob, this one promises to be more violent than usual.

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