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The Many Faces of Hillary Clinton

Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may or may not be dead, but she certainly has more doubles than George Bush had hanging chads. These numerous doubles give rise to massive speculation that Clinton is dead. But there is so much more to the story than mere double vision.

The issue of Clinton's health came to a head with her famous September 11, 2016 collapse following a 9/11 ceremony in New York City. Claiming that she was in the midst of a "medical episode", the candidate alerted her entourage that she needed to leave the proceedings early.

Attended by a large contingent of Secret Service, aides, and medical staff, Clinton made her way to her van which some sources say concealed a bed, and we would surmise high-tech medical systems. However, an amateur videographer caught Clinton in the midst of an unexpected collapse before she could enter her limousine which required at least 3 of her entourage to throw her into the back of the van.

At least 3 other body guards and Secret Service agents quickly formed a cordon around Clinton to block additional photographers from capturing Clinton's alleged fainting.

Clinton was then rushed to 21 East 26 St where a medical clinic is housed which we understand to be owned and maintained by the Clinton Foundation. Ostensibly it is the home of Clinton's daughter by Webster Hubbell, Chelsea. We wondered aloud why Clinton would not have been rushed to a full facility hospital, but even though we do not have all of the answers, part of them include the ability to conceal from the American people the depths of  the Democrat's health issues.

Within 90 minutes of the episode, someone assumed to be Hillary Clinton emerged from the posh Manhattan residence of Chelsea, whom we have not substantiated actually lives there, or which is even residential property.

However, this disgusting charade proved that the person who emerged from the building was NOT Hillary Clinton. While there are many evidences of this point, 3 salient facts stand out. The first is that in contrast to the massive security detail with Clinton at the time of her collapse, there were absolutely no Secret Service or aides with the Clinton body double. If Clinton had left the building, it would be a terminable offense for Secret Service, or any other security for that matter, to have left Clinton unguarded.

No one leaves a woman to walk by herself who has just collapsed or fainted. And having Chelsea there to see her off would have been golden publicity.

Secondly, there was absolutely no one with "Clinton" - fake press, no aides, no Secret Service, no nothing. Just a chirpy actress who said that it was a great day in New York City.

Finally, the little girl who was conveniently available for a photo opportunity with the presidential candidate would have been stopped cold by Secret Service had the woman in fact been Hillary. As James Fetzer put it, the Secret Service would have stopped a baby crawling up to Clinton to check its diapers for explosives, yet this young girl approaches the actress without constraint. [PS 11/20/2016 - we have since learned that the girl is an actress, seen in other celebrity staged events].

Fetzer also reported that the Democrat National Convention went into emergency session after this event - something which would be preposterous if Hillary had indeed walked out of the East 26th St building of her own accord.

In further research, we discovered that Clinton was photographed, during roughly the same month of her "medical episode" by a Getty photographer, requiring assistance walking on a sidewalk, yet the "Hillary" leaving the medical clinic was walking breezily around as though without a care in the world.

Without any doubt or equivocation, America's Jewish controlled news media knowingly presented a body double as Hillary Clinton, fraud of the highest order. This body double raises the question of, exactly how many impersonators does Clinton use?

While researching background on this Chronicle, we encountered a mass of photographs with persons labeled as Hillary who had all kinds of facial and body features variant from each other and from the person known as Hillary Clinton. In addition to the famous Teresa Barnwell who may be viewed as a comedian, 4-6 other Hillarys exist.

But the Hillary count goes much deeper. Other researchers have practically proven that Clinton had numerous staged campaign events. A couple of notorious campaign rallies were staged in North Carolina and Nevada using green screens onto which fake crowds were projected. Several evidences conclusively cement the conclusion of fraud.

One problem with the video was that Clinton occasionally disappeared from it which indicated a problem with the chroma-key used to register the talent with the green screen. Another problem was the perfectly pitched audio which would only be obtained in a studio production. But the most damaging evidence of fakery was that all of the phones shown recording the event never showed the background of the arena or of the candidate! There was also one young woman who was holding a phone but did not bother to film Clinton as she walked right by her. There is no way that a young woman, who was ostensibly witnessing a larger than life celebrity walk by, with a phone in her hand would forgo the opportunity to film her.

So now we know that Clinton has numerous body doubles and that many of her media events are faked inside a production studio. The so-called interview with CIA's Cooper Anderson with Clinton on the phone shortly after her collapse was trivial to fake. Yet the CIA hack presented the voice actress as Hillary Clinton.

So now we come to the 64 million dollar question, is Hillary Clinton dead or alive? We were convinced that she was dead until a report crossed our desk that she made a post campaign fundraiser today. But given that many of her events are faked, we have no confidence that she really appeared at the Children's Defense Fund in Washington, DC. The person presented as Hillary was certainly ugly enough and had the telltale neck crease suggesting that it was Clinton, but we can't be positive that the appearance was in fact in situ.

Some indicators suggesting that Clinton is dead include the WABC-7 announcement that she was dead. The news reader blew right past that opening announcement while the other anchor covered other campaign news the day after Clinton's collapse. The so-called gaffe may in fact have been a subtle announcement that Clinton had indeed died.

The numerous body doubles and faked campaign rallies are additional evidence that the former First Lady died. Further research for this Chronicle revealed that contrary to the non-stop lies of the establishment media, Clinton rallies were sparsely attended. One report we watched showed that at a North Carolina university with 37,000 students, there were only a hand full of people at the rally. This phenomenon occurred on many other occasions.

Corroborating the truth about sparse attendance at Clinton campaign events was the lopsided polling results favoring Trump. Zero Hedge reported before the election that independent pollsters using properly configured samples showed Trump with a 20-50 point lead over Clinton, a gap which does not at all jibe with the constant lies spewing forth from the establishment Jewish press that Clinton was on the cusp of a landslide of Biblical proportions.

One commentator believed that Hillary was murdered as a ritual sacrifice on 9/11, providing some interesting date coincidences - or perhaps causalities - which supported his position. We find the idea compelling, but not entirely convincing.

Benjamin Fulford, an ostensibly well connected journalist, also claimed that Clinton is dead. We believe that there is a better than 50-50 chance that the criminal is dead. [PS 11/18/2016 - Based upon continued analysis of "Clinton's" behavior since the election, we believe that she is still alive.]

Incredibly many voters wanted this for chief executive
Now why would anyone want her dead? Reasons abound, but the most interesting 2 relate to 2 different sides of the highly polarizing political figure. One theory is that US intelligence agents assassinated her for the exceptionally damaging treason she committed by placing files of the highest security sensitivity on her personal servers and giving the secrets to the Rothschilds and Israelis. Her betrayal of the United States will never be recoverable in our life times.

The other theory relating to Clinton's possible death is that she was merely a brand which the Democrats and Jewish Intelligentsia wanted to use as a puppet to govern the United States - it was the easiest way to elect George Soros president. Having proven that they could pass off the many body doubles as Clinton, they would have cooperated in her murder, or even orchestrated it, because they didn't need the real crippled Clinton.

Given the fury of the establishment press over the loss of Clinton, we suspect that the latter theory may be more accurate. The treasonous Jewish intelligentsia was denied another 4 years in the White House, traitors including the Bush Crime Syndicate which propelled the Clintons to the White House in first place as a favor for helping the Bush's with Iran Contra drug smuggling.

So furious are the Jews that they have planned a color revolution for the United States by sending in storm troopers to riot, vandalize, and murder people who voted for Trump. Zero Hedge has reported that the majority of rioters are from out of state from where they riot, proving to us that George Soros and other revolutionists are shipping their Bolshevists around the country to  cause as much mayhem as possible.

Never before in American history has so much bile been released by the Democrats as in this election - never so much violence. It is perpetrated by the DNC and Jewish intelligentsia which include Mossad, Netanyahu, and the Rothschilds.

Not once has Clinton, DNC, "Obama", the Jewish Establishment Press, or others of their ilk called for cooler heads to prevail. They have endorsed the violence with smug silence, with CNN mocking a Trump supporter who was beaten by blacks for supporting the President-elect.

Democrats have revealed their true colors by not only the massive violence, but also by the colossally poor judgment of nominating such a flawed candidate whose health disqualified her from the presidency even 8 years ago.

Further corroboration is required to dogmatically announce the death of Clinton, but when it comes, we will announce it with great joy and fanfare.

Copyright 2016 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

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