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Chronicle Update: Paul Is Really Dead

The Paul McCartney story, like any good conspiracy, is the gift which keeps on giving, this time coming from the horse’s mouth. We have uncovered admissions by Paul McCartney, writing via a ghost writer, that the original Paul McCartney truly died on September 11, 1966, as we had previously reported.

Our information comes via 2 interviews on 2 separate programs with musician Mike Williams during which he summarizes the writings in the Memoirs of Billy Shears authored by Thomas E Uharriet. Mitchell explains that Uharriet had intimate connections with the man who assumed McCartney’s persona upon his death, and could thus provide the encyclopedia of details found in the book.

The man who masquerades as Paul McCartney is William Shepherd who was born in 1937, and initial whose involvement with the Beatles was as a session musician who was intensely jealous of McCartney, and who stole his identity with the help of Masons, MI6, Tavistock Institute, and other leading persons in the British establishment.

If this story reminds you of the episode of Gilligan’s Island where Tina Louise played her character’s look alike Eva Grubb, then you understand some of the dynamics of the murder of Paul McCartney. At the end of that episode, the envious Eva Grubb took over Ginger Grant’s show business career when she returned to Hollywood while leaving the castaways stranded on the island for yet another episode.

The fact that Tavistock and the Masons were involved in the McCartney project means that the replacement of the Beatles’ lead was a major policy initiative, which in the event, was to advance drug use and Satanism. As we noted before, Shepherd’s endorsement of LSD circa 1967/8 was to advance the agenda of the occult state which rules the world today.

Shepherd had many aliases including Billy Shears, Bill Campbell, Vivian Stanshall, among several others. Williams argued that Shepherd is at heart an actor, one of whose many roles is Paul McCartney. Although Shepherd was the main actor who plays McCartney, others also filled the role from time to time, especially in the early years.

In order to pull off the replacement stunt, Shepherd endured massive amounts of reconstruction facial surgery which was still not enough to allay his concerns of discovery, several examples of near misses Williams documents. We have reported the findings of Carlesi and Gavazzeni who published the seminal investigation proving that William Shepherd, often known as Faul, was not Paul McCartney.

Of particular note during Williams’ interviews was his telling of McCartney’s premonitions of his death, the singer going so far as to make preparations for his demise. Lennon, his childhood friend, and other band members generally laughed off McCartney’s fears. The key point to note is that it is Shepherd who makes these claims about McCartney’s anticipation of pending doom.

Before proceeding, we must note that Shepherd is a congenital liar as is generally the case with Masons. They are taught repeatedly to lie, and thus anything one of them says must be judged by the moving lips test. On the other hand, we have chosen to accept much of the biographical material of the memoirs because it fits with independently produced information. Our main point, though, is that we don’t buy the premonitions story.

We believe that this story was invented by Shepherd to cover up the fact that McCartney had been threatened with death by Shepherd and others, possibly including his Masonic father. Indeed, in another article we argued that McCartney was murdered as part of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Shepherd maintains that he is channeling McCartney from the Great Beyond, but we believe that is how he and McCartney’s father justified the murder. Yes, it is very twisted indeed.

But another theory is possible concerning McCartney’s alleged premonitions of death. It could have been a pretext for his disappearance.  In a power play for control of the band, highly coveted for its unparalleled influence, McCartney lost out. We have rejected speculation that his death was faked, but there may now be grounds for reconsidering that position. In other words, McCartney could well have survived. There is no record of McCartney’s burial, so the possibility remains that McCartney survived his own death under an assumed identity.

At the end of the day, however, we believe that he was murdered, one reason of which is that massive amounts of occult numerology infuse the Beatles’ timeline, and Satanists play for keeps. Also, it would have been an easy matter to produce Paul’s DNA in the paternity lawsuit against McCartney which erupted in the early 1980s if he were still alive.

While the majority of the Shears story is consistent with our previous findings, there is one material discrepancy concerning the mode and place of death of McCartney. The autobiography asserts the car accident theory after McCartney left the recording studio after a tiff with manager Brian Epstein.

Tina Foster, a leading PID researcher, has contested this story, at one time suggesting that he may have died in the US before the end of the San Francisco tour. She notes a 2-week gap of silence from the Beatles after the tour’s end.

We side with Foster’s belief that a fake Paul was introduced during the LA interview, and that McCartney disappeared before his death a couple of weeks later on September 11. As previously noted, we believe that Shepherd is indicative, but not to be believed in all cases. After all there is no statutory limitation on murder, at least in the United States, so prevarication is the legal strategy of choice.

It thus possible that McCartney died in a car “accident” but it would have been premeditated murder.

According to Williams, Shepherd and the other Beatles were so flabbergasted that no one caught the doppelganger that they started publishing clues which led to the first wave of PIDism in 1969. On the other hand, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band cover was chockful of clues, undermining somewhat this story.

The irony of Shepherd’s identity theft is that he proved to be an accomplished artist in his own right. One of the motives for stealing the Beatles was to take it to the next level musically, and that indeed is what Shepherd did after demanding of Lennon that he cede him control of the band. Thus Shepherd was waiting in the wings to take over the Beatles after McCartney was eliminated, freeing the way to take the band to new heights.

With these disclosures from Shepherd, no matter how problematic and suspect parts of it are, critics of PID should be silenced from embarrassment. But alas, these deniers continue to peddle their bilge that Paul McCartney is alive and well. We’re sorry folks, but Paul is really dead – really.

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Anonymous said...

Why can William Campbell Shears not be exposed to the entire world today as a fake?

Tony Bonn said...

He has been exposed to the whole world. the really question is, is the whole world ready and able to perceive the truth? the answer is emphatically no, because the whole world would rather believe what powerful people tell them than the still small voice of truth.