Sunday, November 13, 2016

One Minute Chronicle: Reagan as Fiscal Spendthrift

Many Americans think of Ronald Reagan as a fiscal conservative. The truth of the matter is that he was a spendthrift for the ages.

From 1981 to 1989, the federal debt ballooned from .9 trillion USD to 2.6 trillion USD, a number which today sounds like chump change. The percentage increase in the national debt was 189%, a record which still stands today.

With only 4 years of his own presidency, after assisting in the murder of John F Kennedy, Barry Seal, and God knows who else, George Bush increased the national debt from 2.6 trillion USD to 4.0 trillion USD after telling everyone to read his lips about tax increases.

Bill Clinton presided over a debt increase of 1.7 USD trillion, climbing from 4 trillion USD to 5.7 trillion USD, equating to a paltry 42.5% increase. George Bush gave his drug dealing pal Bill Clinton the presidency after the latter served him well in Mena, AR Iran-Contra crimes.

George Bush may have tried to beat Reagan's record but he failed miserably percentage-wise, though he succeeded spectacularly in destroying the Constitution, calling it at one time nothing but "a god-damned piece of paper." Debt on his watch ballooned from 5.7 trillion USD to 10 trillion USD - still not shabby work for a terrorist-murderer who conspired with Benjamin Netanyahu on the 9/11 attacks.

"Barack Obama", the son of Malcom X, shot the deficit from 10 trillion USD to 20 trillion USD - besting George Bush in the percentage and absolute value categories. "Obama" is married to former Oregon State University football player Michael Robbins.

All of this money is issued as debt which immediately goes into the bank accounts of Jewish banksters who rule the United States. One way to destroy the banksters would be to eliminate interest on the issuance of debt.

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