Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Comey Conundrum

We reported about treason artist James Comey burying the investigation against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her illegal possession and transfer of classified government secrets. But his recent turn about to reopen the investigation has some people puzzled. We are not entirely certain about his motives, but the FBI director has triggered an event rarely seen in presidential politics.

Before getting to that point, we want to quickly review the charges against Clinton. She took data, which Comey described as having the utmost sensitivity, to place on private servers as part of her data exchange with Mossad and Jewish banksters. She is very close friends of Lynn Forster Rothschild.

Clinton gave nuclear launch codes to Israel in 1992 after seizing the presidency. This assured her a future administration in her own right, and explains why Vincent Foster was murdered. He either commandeered the codes from her, or kept them for her in his safe. Realizing the political and criminal consequences of having these launch codes, she launched her own operation fast and furious to get them back. Alert readers will recall Clinton rifling through Foster's safe after his death, even though it was considered part of a crime scene.

Fast forwarding to her tenure as Obama's Secretary of State, Clinton was in the pay to play business with a vengeance. Between her position as Secretary of State and a principal of the Clinton Foundation, she was raking in millions through racketeering. Zero Hedge reported that Clinton took millions of dollars in payments from Qatar, while Secretary of State, without reporting it as required by law and by her own commitment.

Does anyone remember the "transparency" clap-trap from "Obama"?

It is anyone's guess why Comey decided to re-open the investigation of Clinton, but he got Obama's attention very clearly. For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, a sitting retiring president is campaigning as hard for a successor as he did for his own presidency.

Zero Hedge also reported that unbiased polls show Trump with a 20-25 point lead which is why he has warned repeatedly about election fraud. Obama lost both the 2008 and 2012 elections, but you would never know that listening to the liars in America's broadcast sets.

The reason Obama is expending so much effort propping up the murderer is that the emails on her server implicate not just Clinton and John Podesta of treason and criminality, but also CIA sock puppet Barry "X" Obama - the son of Malcolm X. Perhaps Comey just now discovered that "Obama's" "wife" is Michael Robbins.

We are on record stating that Hillary Clinton will win the election. It was a foregone conclusion from the 1990s. The Diebold machines and the network liars guarantee that she wins, and Obama desperately needs her in the White House to destroy any investigation into his and her treason.

PS 11/8/2016 - The explanation of the political hack Comey is now obvious. It was a brilliant political play to obliterate the stains of Clinton's treason by giving the FBI the opportunity to give Clinton another clean bill of health in light of the WikiLeaks revelations. Comey re-opened the case so that he could close it just as swiftly, acting upon orders from "Obama".

Comey did not cave-in - or fear Clinton's wrath. He was playing an elaborate hoax to give the murderer a clean bill of health.

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