Friday, June 12, 2015

Why John Kerry Was Murdered

We originally published a story about an assassination attempt upon Secretary of State John Kerry which we couched with a certain level of uncertainty. We have since concluded that the story is indeed truthful, and offer an explanation of his murder.
We will not bother to dignify the story that Kerry fell from bicycle by refuting its imbecility, or dignify the fake photo released of Kerry allegedly sitting in a hospital chair or bed by refuting its idiotic nonsensicalness. The story is that Kerry was murdered.
Instead we focus on how the Secretary of State was murdered, a plot which originated in the White House. The key to understanding the murder is understanding the Jew "Barack Obama" and the Jew Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) who are on an uber Zionist quest to destroy America and to rule the world.
In recent weeks, Kerry had presented foreign policy statements which contradicted those of Nuland, the mastermind behind the Kiev Coup which ousted a popularly elected prime minister, and which led intentionally to a civil war designed to draw Russia into World War 3.
Kerry's foreign policy blunders were to support the Minsk 2 cease fire, and to support a nuclear deal with Iran which would lead to the lifting of sanctions. After all, with Israeli puppet Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen with nuclear bombs supplied by Tel Aviv and the Bush Crime Syndicate, why shouldn't a nuclear power deal be struck with Iran?
Kerry's additional sin was to thwart the war, along with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, with Syria in 2013 . This year, however, Kerry failed to back ISIS and ISIL in a way which would prevent the US military from bombing them into disarray.
When Nuland publicly contradicted Kerry in May and June on US foreign policy, "Obama" took his cue to murder Kerry by sending him to France out of the reach US jurisdiction where he was murdered by ISIS commander Gulmurod Khalimov according to reports from Foreign Intelligence Service.
ISIS is clearly a CIA operation with theater headquarters at the US embassy in Turkey, which means that Khalimov was CIA and taking orders to murder Kerry. This story makes the most sense because it is the cleanest way that Nuland could murder Kerry while leaving the fewest finger prints. Her brazen contradiction of her boss' policy pronouncements is the smoking gun in the conspiracy.
The SVR report states that a gun fight broke out in the meeting with Khalimov, but again there is no reason to believe that story until finding the status of the Kerry security detail. The only important fact is that Kerry was assassinated and died on May 31, 2015.
These same reports indicated that Kerry was saved by Swiss doctors, but we assure our readers that professional assassins do not allow their victims to live, and if for some reason Kerry survived the bullets, he was finished off by doctors the way Lee Oswald was murdered at Parkland Hospital.
The Jewish government of the United States had enough of Kerry's interference in Zionist plans, particularly the Project for a New American Century, and thus determined to murder him. One report claimed that "Obama" flew to Boston secretly to inquire about the state of Kerry, but it was only to ensure that he was dead.
The sequestering of Kerry and perpetuation of myths that he is still alive suggest that there were some unplanned events in the assassination plot. After all his death could have been made a cause celebre to start Nuland's nuclear war.
We don't have all of the pieces to the puzzle. Deciphering a conspiracy in real time is fraught with error. However the study of CIA murders since Kennedy has given us a solid basis for identifying the DNA of CIA/Mossad conspiracies.

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