Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CIA Assassinated John Kerry!

In an escalation of the Mossad-CIA war against Syria, Iraq, and Iran, CIA attempted to murder Secretary of State John Kerry on May 31, 2015.
According to Dr Jim Willie citing Before It's News, Kerry was assassinated by ISIL forces in France, during a secret meeting with that CIA terrorist organization, but rushed to Switzerland where Swiss doctors saved him from death.
ISIL forces operated by CIA and Mossad attacked Kerry while meeting secretly with ISIL in the Moselle district in France by pumping at least 2 bullet holes close to his heart. It appears that Secret Service was involved in the murder attempt given the success of the attackers' infiltration of the meeting room.
The leader for the murder attempt is believed to be Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, an ISIL commander, trained by both CIA and the State Department.
CIA has been furious with the "Obama" administration's failure to support ISIS/ISIL operations with theater headquarters at the US embassy in Turkey. Recent US military assaults on ISIS/ISIL have set back progress in the Soros-Nuland war in the Middle East, both of whom work as Rothschild agents and the Israeli government.
Kerry was flown aboard a massive Boeing medical jet to Washington where he is in intensive care. Although Swiss doctors saved his life, his prognosis for survival is minimal, especially with CIA agents having full access to the hospital where he will be finished off. Our belief is that Kerry is dead.
The attempt on Kerry's life is a message to "Obama" that he needs to resume war plans against Syria and Iran as  part of the Ziocon's Project for a New American Century which received strong support from George Bush and the Bush Crime Syndicate.
The story that Kerry fell from a bicycle - a stationery one at that - was another nonsensical lie spread by the CIA covering the disappearance of Kerry. Watch for body doubles and impersonators in the coming weeks.
The assassination attempt was most likely ordered by murderer Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland who may be elevated to Kerry's position, a move which would strongly confirm our speculation about her involvement in the assassination. Nuland engineered the revolution and war in Ukraine which ended badly for the State Department and Kerry. She is also an Israeli agent working in the State Department.
Willie stated that his confidence level in the veracity of the story is 7-8 on a scale of 1-10. We caution readers that he has also predicted the imminent demise of Deutsche Bank but that institution still survives.
Our own research indicates that this story has gone viral, emanating from several foreign governments throughout the Middle East and Russia.

Jim Willie, Interview with Rick Timpone of Radio One Network, June 9, 2015, accessed 6/10/2015

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