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How Vern Halman Saved the World From Nuclear Holocaust

Although we have reported previously on the planned massacre of the USS Liberty by psychopath Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara, we have just discovered that the world avoided nuclear holocaust by a true US patriot Vern Halman, whom we believe deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor.
The story of the USS Liberty is now well known - a case where Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, and Walter Rostow collaborated to destroy the USS Liberty in another Gulf of Tonkin hoax to start a war in the Middle East.
A fascinating article by Judy Morris reveals that the 6 Day War was the idea of the Johnson administration possibly to resurrect his electoral prospects, a war which Israel more than happily undertook. Her sources reveal that Israel simply did not have the intelligence or hardware to attack the Egyptian air force so decisively, meaning that not only did the United States supply the aircraft and intelligence, but also the pilots to bomb Egypt.
Morris also reveals that US Air Force pilots were on alert before the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, and that these were not just ordinary Air Force pilots. They were indeed bombers of the US Strategic Air Command in California who carried nuclear bombs - and not just ordinary nuclear bombs: they were hydrogen bombs whose destructive power dwarfs that of atomic bombs.
Not only were pilots in the US ready to launch an attack on Egypt, but so were pilots on the USS Saratoga stationed in the Mediterranean which actually launched planes with nuclear bombs to attack Egypt, and which were recalled only 3 minutes prior to dropping their payloads. Unable to return to the Saratoga in their armed states, they had to be directed to Athens for disarming.
Johnson and McNamara personally ordered the commander of the Saratoga to call off rescue missions of the Liberty on at least 2 occasions. It was a miracle that the mayday calls were received by the Saratoga because nearly all communications capabilities were destroyed by the Israeli Air Force who added electronic jamming to their attacks.
However the Liberty signal crew found that they had a small opening to issue a distress call which Vern Halman barely delivered. Not only did the Saratoga receive the call but so did several listening posts, US embassies, and Soviet spy ships. The Israeli attackers realized the implications of the received mayday call, and decided that the risks of sinking the Liberty simply were not worth it.
Morris speculates that Israeli air and naval forces may have deliberately sabotaged their attacks since they had more than enough munitions to sink the ship many times over but did not.
It is thus our strong opinion that Vern Halman, along with his crew mates, were not only heroic in defending Liberty, but literally in defending the world from a murderous cabal of psychopaths governing the United States, a list which includes Johnson, McNamara, Rostow, and their Rothschild overlords.
We had previously indicated that the cause for the Israeli attack on the Liberty was due to the highly classified ship's interception of communications proving that the Jews were butchering Egyptians in the Sinai. While we believe that they were doing so, we believe that Morris' sources have uncovered the real conspiracy which was to start World War 3.
While we like Morris' coverage of the attack and geopolitical dynamics driving the assault on the Liberty, we deplore her naïve rebuttal of those who deny the Holocaust. Perhaps one day Ms Morris will apply the same research effort into the Holocaust Hoax as she has to the Liberty Lies.
In their heroic efforts to save their ship from a wanton attack to serve Johnson's psychopathic goals, Vern Halman and the entire crew of the USS Liberty, through that one mayday call, saved the world from nuclear holocaust, and may have even been aided in that salvation by their attackers. In so doing, the lives lost during the attack are invested with great meaning and heroism.

Judy Morris, The USS Liberty, Israel & President Johnson’s Order to Destroy the USS Liberty, Private email of Robert Morrow, June 4, 2015

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