Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Israel Nukes Yemen

The terrorist Jewish state of Israel has dropped multiple neutron bombs on Yemen in recent weeks in a proxy war launched via its puppet state of Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi government, under a new monarch, has launched a war against bordering Yemen in an attempt to wipe it off the map, as Gordon Duff put it speaking of Israel's attempt to destroy Yemen.
Veterans Today first reported the use of nuclear weapons by the terrorist state of Israel in late May, noting that only Israel has announced the use and deployment of neutron bombs.
Israel is operating under the terrorist doctrine known as the Project for a New American Century, a blue print  promulgated largely by treasonous "American" Jews who have possessed - as in demon possession - the American government in order to conquer the Middle East for Greater Israel.
The Jews have launched other wars in the Middle East through CIA-Mossad groups such as ISIL/ISIS to destroy Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
The hypocrisy of the Jewish government is breathtaking as its government in the person of Benjamin Netanyahu has blasted Iran for years for its nuclear program which is for peaceful purposes. Iran has never used a nuclear weapon against anyone, let alone create one.
Additional evidence confirming Jewish use of nuclear weapons comes from downed Israeli F16 fighter jets which were involved in the launch of the neutron bombs.

Most of Israel's nuclear weapons came from the United States which George Bush, Sr stole from the US government to give to the Jewish terrorist state.
Yemen is not the first instance of Jewish use of nuclear holocaust weapons in the Middle East. Jews have used nuclear weapons in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria going as far back as the 2003 American invasion of Iraq after Mossad and the Bush Crime Syndicate attacked the United States with nuclear weapons on September 11, 2001.
We call upon the nations of the world to dismantle the Satanic state of Israel, and to bring to trial its entirely criminal government.


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