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Unraveling the Mossad Attack on Charlie Hebdo

When Mossad perpetrated the Charlie Hebdo massacre, including its many fake deaths, it did not realize that its murder and mayhem would be exposed so quickly. New information about Jeannette Bougrab unlocks the key to the Jewish operation against the French satire magazine.
Bougrab quickly emerged as the fake girl friend Stephane Charbonnier, known as Charb, never had. None of his friends or family knew about her - she was a cipher who emerged from the wood work after the attacks claiming that she was the one true love of Charb's life.
But what brings the Jewish Mossad agent into the life of the Charlie Hebdo editor? She was part of the clean-up crew. She managed to quickly insinuate herself into Charb's mother's confidence in order to get a key to Charb's apartment which most likely she had never seen in her life - except for possibly strictly business reasons.
The reason for getting the key was to ransack it for incriminating evidence linking her, and by extension Mossad, Hollande, and Netanyahu to the crime. But that brings us to the fascinating reason for why Mossad was involved with Charb and his magazine in the first place.
Before proceeding, we should salute Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today not only for his real time dissection of the false flag attacks by Mossad ordered by murderer Benjamin Netanyahu, and with which we believe that Bilderberger Francois Hollande was involved, but also for his groundbreaking reporting of the significance of Bougrab.
It turns out that Charb, in financial straights with his publication, accepted Mossad money to publish infuriating satire of Muslims in France. Mossad decided in early January to not only shut down the operation - probably due to risk of exposure - but also to create a sensation to force the few remaining Jews in France to migrate to Israel, and to create more hatred for Muslims in its never ending holy war against Islam. After all, Jews should rule the world and wipe out anyone who gets in their Satanic way, a call made by Jewish rabbis in the United States.
Bougrab's job then was to make sure that any evidence linking Charb to Mossad was confiscated and destroyed. Unfortunately French police investigator Helric Fredou also obtained the explosive evidence, whom the Mossad controlled Paris police department murdered when he was about to disclose Bougrab's and Israel's involvement in the massacre.
Now it would be inaccurate to say that Charb and Bougrab did not know each other, for their relationship appears to have gone back several years during which time she was essentially his handler and conduit for monies supporting Charb's virulent assaults on Muslims living in France. By doing service for the Jews, he kept his financially decrepit operation going.
But Bougrab was definitely not Charb's girl friend.
When Barrett's book hit the book stands, it was denounced by Netanyahu puppet Hollande, proving for us that not only was Hollande involved in the massacre, but that it was a Mossad operation which probably had substantive support from CIA. Clearly investigators and analysts had uncovered the essence of the plot and its details.
Additional proof that Israel was the major instigator in the murders is that Netanyahu was all over the map grabbing publicity in his egomaniacal way in the immediate aftermath of the false flag attack, urging Jews to leave France, and stirring up the lie of the beleaguered Jew. His crocodile tears were contemptible.
Netanyahu also ordered that Jews be murdered as part of the assault, or appear to be murdered, in order to burnish the pity card. Finally, people associated with the protagonists and victims are dropping like flies, the most recent being Bougrab's mother, proving again that there is a conspiracy whose truth must never be learned. Unfortunately for the perpetrators, their modus operandi is well known, and their crimes as plain as day.

Kevin Barrett, Charlie Hebdo perps BUSTED! The key lie of Jeannette Bougrab, Veterans Today, June 14, 2015, accessed 6/14/2015

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