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Roswell, Nazis, and UFOs

The famed event in Roswell, New Mexico of July 1947, from which sprang the Unidentified Flying Object culture, has a side to its story which few of its adherents or debunkers know or understand. Rather than being an extraterrestrial phenomenon, Dr Joseph Farrell argues persuasively that it was an event entirely of this Nazi world.
During a presentation cited in our Reference section, Farrell rehearses the evolution of the story originating in the discovery of aircraft crash debris found near Roswell, NM by William Brazel on June 14, 1947. He reviews the changing story from the perspective of evolutionary mythology, through which process initial facts metamorphose into distinct tellings, which he calls articulations, based upon interpretive preferences.
In total he identifies 6 articulations which might be summarized, perhaps heavy handedly, as follows:
1. Initial reports from Walter Haut and Jesse Marcel of the US Army Air Force 509 Bomb Group stated that a flying disc was discovered northwest of Roswell, but less than a day later, Brigadier General Roger Ramey changed the original report by stating that a weather balloon – not a disc – was recovered from the crash site
2. In 1980 Berlitz and Moore publish The Roswell Incident which for the first time states that there were bodies recovered from the crash site.
3. Don Berliner and Stanton Friedman publish Crash at Corona which elaborates that alien bodies were recovered at the site, in part based upon the story of a mortician Glen Dennis
4. Kevin Randall and Don Schmidt publish their book which revises the previously established time line of events, and brings out the witnesses to the alien bodies.
5.  Skeptics emerge with various themes of objection to the post 1970s articulations including debunking of the witnesses, and the elaboration of the weather balloon theory with Project Mogul and Japanese weather balloons.
6. Lieutenant Colonel Corso of US Army intelligence publishes The Day After Roswell which enumerates for the first time the specific technologies recovered from the debris including lasers, fiber optics, night vision, integrated circuitry, transistors, porous metals, hieroglyphics, and memory metals with the argument that these technologies could not have existed during World War 2 or earlier, thus necessitating extra-terrestrial explanations.
In addition to reviewing the evolving story, Farrell dissects the documents supporting either side of the case, including the Majestic 12 memo, and the General Schoeben memo. His general conclusion is that forged documents were required to substantiate an extra-terrestrial solution.
Summarizing the extra-terrestrial main storyline then, an alien spaceship flew light years through space, surviving space debris and flying objects, only to be slain by a bad thunderstorm on earth.
Farrell’s thesis is that all of the details of the crash site and its recovered debris can be explained by terrestrial phenomena, and that the only plausible source for these advanced technologies was Nazi Germany.
He specifically noted that all technologies but one have antecedents in German scientific literature. For example, porous metals were discussed in aeronautical papers addressing the problem of air drag on wings during takeoff. Memory metals were known as early as 1932. The point is that there is no requirement for extra-terrestrial assistance to produce what was discovered in Roswell.
However it did cause much consternation among the US military because the debris was not produced by the military which meant that it required a power with the means to produce it, and one of which the military was not previously cognizant. Certainly the Soviets did not have these capabilities.
The only people who knew these advanced technologies were the Germans, many of whom were brought to the United States by Allan Dulles’ Operation Paperclip as a means of harvesting German technology.
At this point the Nazi connection becomes interesting, because Farrell refers to the Operation Paperclip Nazis, and an extra-territorial Nazi state which had the financial and technical wherewithal to produce an advanced aircraft, each group of Nazis being a distinct group. If there is a Nazi state, whatever its form, then World War 2’s outcome was a mirage. On this point we concur.
Indeed this continued Third Reich corresponds, in our view, with the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, Masons, and any number of other unknown groups who actually rule the world, perhaps most famously as the New World Order, a phrase used frequently by Adolph Hitler and George Bus, Sr.
We further endorse the explanation because it was Judeo-Nazi banksters who established Hitler and Nazism in the first place. Thus the defeat of Germany was a psychological warfare operation to deceive people about the continued existence of these eminences grises who ruled the world from New York City, City of London, and Israel. The new heads of state were invisible and Mammon.
Given the endless lies and scandals of the US government, especially those exposed during the 1970s, it is entirely understandable how some of the bizarre UFO and ET theories became prominent. Yet they are not required to explain the Roswell crash site.
There are many problems with the various stories, including the one told by General Ramey. It is preposterous beyond imagination that the Army would send the world’s only nuclear trained unit to the hinterland of New Mexico to deal with what it claimed was a weather balloon, and that the intelligence officers involved would have trouble identifying a weather balloon in the first place.
Although he acknowledged the contradiction inherent in his appeal to a dead witness, Farrell mentioned that one of them actually saw the German cross on the crashed aircraft.
The witnesses adduced by the various ET advocates were in almost all cases dead when their stories were told by second hand sources, making it very difficult to substantiate or cross examine them. Farrell debunked the faked alien autopsies in which Fox News played a part.
Even if bodies were found at the site, their characteristics could be explained in completely terrestrial terms.
Farrell hinted in the interview that the aircraft may not have been one in the conventional sense, maybe not even a flying saucer as such. He noted that the government brought in top Nazi rocket scientists to review the debris – something which one does not do for an errant weather balloon.
The implication, supported by early military correspondence on the subject, as well by the placement of key people like Nazi General Nathan Twining in New Mexico prior to the crash, is that Nazi scientists, working for the invisible Nazi state, were conducting high voltage rotating  plasma experiments related to the Bell, whose air craft was destroyed by lightening.
We are happy to see a thoughtful explanation which avoids the voodoo of ET, a matter fully elaborated in Dr Farrell’s book on the subject, which would make the 7th articulation.
Joseph Farrell, Interview with George Ann Hughes, The Byte Show, February 6, 2010, accessed 1/31/2015
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