Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Making of a Patsy

One of the fundamental truths of the murder of John Kennedy in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 came on that very day from Lee Oswald when he proclaimed, “I am just a patsy.”
Even those believing that Oswald was innocent do not realize how early the story began. When Lee Oswald returned from the Soviet Union with a Russian bride after his fake defector operation ended, Central Intelligence Agency counter intelligence chief James Angleton feared that Oswald had been compromised by the daughter of a high ranking military/KGB official. We accept the idea that Marina, Oswald’s new wife, was a KGB agent. We do not believe that Oswald had been compromised so much as the KGB could see through the CIA’s paper thin intelligence stunt.
Nonetheless Angleton feared that US intelligence secrets had been compromised. That Angleton himself was a mole for the KGB and/or Mossad is an entirely different story, but there is no other way to explain the colossal failures of Angleton in regards to Kim Philby and other Soviet spies who had penetrated the CIA. On the other hand, all of the spy biz was *wink* *wink* any way.
Playing counter intelligence chief, Angleton devised a plan to murder Oswald. The game was labyrinthine to say the least, but Oswald was targeted for total elimination. Oswald sealed his own death warrant when he reported to the FBI in November of 1963 that Kennedy was the target of an assassination attempt in Chicago. We believe that the Chicago episode was merely a stratagem for flushing out Oswald.
At 1:40 PM on November 22, 1963, the White House situation room released the “news” that the murderer had been identified and that it was Lee Oswald. Heading the cabal of murderers in the White House was McGeorge Bundy who had sabotaged the president during the Bay of Pigs scam of Allan Dulles and other CIA hoodlums who were attempting to embarrass the new president.
Please note that merely 10 minutes after the murder, the White House was releasing information that it had solved the case. Would someone explain how a group of bureaucrats 1200 miles away from the scene of the crime could possibly know who murdered the president? The criminal Dallas Police Department didn’t even have enough evidence to charge Oswald with either Tippit’s or Kennedy’s murder which is one reason he was held in custody so long without charge. They were in the process of creating trumped up charges but didn’t know exactly how to do it without seeming so corrupt.
Thus we have Bundy and his vipers proclaiming Oswald guilty 10 minutes after the murder while the DPD dithered to get on message, stymied only for lack of evidence. It gets even better. Col Fletcher Prouty who had close ties with the CIA, was on mission in Antarctica at the time of the murder and came across a newspaper in Christ Church New Zealand – when he was there – announcing that Oswald had murdered the president – but it was the day before Kennedy was murdered!
The fix was in, as they say. But no conspiracy would be complete without the imprimatur of the FBI Director, J Edgar Hoover, who would go on to murder the “Nigger” Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. “Nigger” was Hoover’s favorite name for King. Hoover announced to Robert Kennedy at 4p on November 22 that Oswald had been identified as the murderer, and that the case was closed. It didn’t matter that Hoover, as Gerald McKnight reports in his book, didn’t even understand the basic facts of the case. But as a member of the conspirators who murdered the president, he proclaimed, even as the DPD had no evidence, that the case was solved, and we could all go home. And it was 4p – just in time for the 5 o’clock news, when the bubble headed bleach blonde comes on – with a gleam in her eye.
Afterwards, Johnson convened the corrupt Warren Commission to rubber stamp the FBI report, so that we could go about burying the guilt of the murderers, and move on Viet Nam and the drug trade.
To assist with this plot, Eugene Rostow, dean of Yale Law School, Nicholas Katzenbach, acting Attorney General, and Bill Moyers, press secretary for Johnson and Bildeberger member, conspired to propagate the myth that Oswald had committed the crime, and took extreme measures to shut down independent investigations into their and their bosses' crimes.
We have reported previously that Katzenbach drafted his famous memo of November 25 proclaiming that Oswald was guilty and that the American people must be convinced that he was so. No trial, no investigation, and no facts - just pure fantasy and lies to cover up their own crimes and to protect the murderers.
Oswald spake sooth – he was the patsy. He committed no crime. His murderers wore grey suits, drank expensive wines, and lived lifestyles of the rich and famous.
Gerald McKnight, Breach of Trust, 2005
Copyright 2013 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

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