Friday, November 8, 2013

Chronicle Update: Barbara Olson Murdered in 2009

When we previously reported the Barbara Olson hoax related to the missile attack on the Pentagon in September 2011, we were unable to state with any certainty her final disposition. We can now report that she is indeed dead, but not in any way related to the explanations we put forth.
The Pentagon was attacked on September 11, 2001, in part to cover up vast financial fraud by elite US politicians, not the least of whom were the Bush-Clinton cabal of neo-cons - ie Nazis. The Pentagon, as we reported, was assaulted by a missile type projectile to draw attention away from the 2.2 trillion dollar theft by these traitors, and to incinerate records related thereto.
At the time, much press coverage was devoted to the fate of Barbara Olson, the wife of US Solicitor General Ted Olson, who was on the phantom plane which crashed  into the Pentagon. The persistence of the coverage should have alerted us to the famous Shakespearean line, namely that when the lady doeth protest too much, she is probably guilty. In this case, Olson was guilty of being in Sweden.
Barbara Olson was ordered to Sweden to live in obscurity since she knew too much about the stolen money. She abided by the terms of her exile until 2009, when according to Jim Willie, she was caught at the Swiss French border carrying bonds. Many will recall the story covered extensively by Zero Hedge about 2 bond smugglers caught at the Italian Swiss border carrying billions in bearer bonds although we are not necessarily drawing a link.
In any event, Mossad took Olson into custody  to Israel  for violating her terms of incarceration where she was shot in the head. Now you know the rest of the story.

Jim Willie, The Plane Truth, November 4, 2013, accessed on Youtube November 8, 2013

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