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Meet Jack Crichton, JFK Murderer

Jack Crichton (1916-2007) is not exactly a household name, but when you travel with the Family of Secrets, your profile lies low. Crichton is one of the fine upstanding pillars of the Military Industrial Complex who played a pivotal role in the Murder of John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza.

Crichton made his money in the Texas oil business where he developed a strong relationship with George Herbert Walker Bush – the very same George Bush of the CIA referenced in J Edgar Hoover’s damning letter concerning the future president’s involvement in the Kennedy murder.

Earle Cabell (1906-1975), another key player in the Kennedy murder while he was mayor of Dallas, went to school with Crichton who subsequently joined the OSS during World War 2. Afterwards, he had many relationships with America’s leading MIC elements such as DuPont, General Dynamics, Kuhn Loeb, Clint Murchison, and other luminaries of the far right.

His most significant relationship in connection to the Kennedy murder was with George Bush’s Operation 40 team which planned a fake attack on Guantanamo Bay as a cover for its covert plans against the President. Both men were in Dealey Plaza at the time of the murder, with Crichton having walked from the Adolphus Hotel to Elm Street.

In addition to his business interests and role as mentor and confidante of Bush, Sr, Crichton also commanded the US Army Reserve 488th Military Intelligence unit stationed in Texas at the time of the Kennedy assassination.

Another member of this tight group was George Lumpkin who joined the Dallas Police Department after a career in the Army, leaving with the rank of Colonel. He reported to his close friend when he joined the 488th reserve unit. Over 50 of the 100 members of 488th came from the Dallas Police Department.

Key figures in the President’s trip to Dallas, both men played significant roles in planning Kennedy’s route through the city and into the killing zone at Dealey. The 488th would ordinarily provide augmented security for the Commander in Chief, but Crichton or Lumpkin ordered Lt Colonel George Whitmeyer to stand down the reserve unit he commanded in east Texas.

Lumpkin drove the pilot car of the Kennedy entourage through Dallas along with 3 other members of the 488th. Yet neither he nor Crichton was called before the Warren Commission, largely due to Prescott Bush’s close relationship with Allan Dulles, another plotter in the murder.

Whitmeyer was discovered dead on April 18, 1978 after he was subpoenaed to testify before House Select Committee on Assassinations much the same way George DeMohrenschildt was discovered dead prior to his appointment with the Committee.

John Connally defeated Crichton in the 1964 Texas gubernatorial race – a rivalry which may explain why Greer shot him prior to pulling the trigger of his 45 caliber gun on the President.
In n interesting aside, Crichton personally assigned a translator to Marina Oswald after she was detained following the assassination of the president and her husband. What is a General and busy business executive doing personally appointing translators for dead men's wives?

So we slightly misled our dear readers by introducing two, rather than one, murderers of the President – Jack Crichton and George Lumpkin. The Wall of Shame grows taller and taller with each passing year. They almost got away with murder, but thanks to those who have a sense of justice, they are exposed for their animal criminality.

Personal correspondence with Michael Gordon, an indefatiguable Kennedy assasination researcher

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You are absolutely correct about him

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