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The Kennedy Assassins

Mark Lane’s latest book, Last Word, on the John Kennedy assassination is a tour de force of evidence, logic, and scholarship. It is a gold mine of information including the names of the principal actors in the sordid execution of an American president. In this posting, we will focus on the chapter of the book concerning The Liberty Lobby and its newspaper The Spotlight whose defense against E Howard Hunt blew the case wide open.

In 1978, The Spotlight published an article by ex-CIA agent Victor Marchetti concerning E Howard Hunt’s presence in Dallas on November 22, 1963 as well as his connections with the murder of the president. Marchetti also predicted certain outcomes of the House Select Committee on Assassinations which never materialized.

Hunt took exception to this article through a lawsuit which awarded him 650,000 USD in no small part due to the defendant's lawyer's utter incompetence. Fortunately The Liberty Lobby was able to win an appeal on grounds of plain error for which the appellate judges remanded the case back for retrial.

At this point, each team acquired a new set of attorneys in which comes Mark Lane for the defense. Lane is well known to Kennedy researchers as perhaps the dean of Assassination historians for his legal and learned presentation of facts and analysis concerning the case, to say nothing of his early and loud objections to the quackery of the Warren Commission. Lane is perhaps the most cogent and reasonable advocate for the case in favor of a conspiracy.

Lane develops a case based upon the substance and merit of the article – namely that Hunt was involved in a conspiracy to kill the President and that he was indeed in Dallas at the time of the murder. During depositions and court testimony, we discover the names of those operationally involved in the murder including possibly some of the trigger men.

Many names are well worn among assassination researchers such as E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis aka Frank Fiorini, and perhaps to a less extent Gerry Patrick Hemming. The star witness at the trial was Marita Lorenz who was briefly Fidel Castro’s mistress whom the CIA had turned into one of their agents.

She testified that Hunt, Sturgis, and she were all CIA agents - paid by the agency - who had taken a convoy of two cars (corrected by Hemming as three) to Dallas arriving 11/21. They met in a motel room where Hunt paid Sturgis an envelope of cash. Knowing that something horrifically big was about to happen, Marita begged Sturgis to get her out of Dallas which he did that night. Before leaving she met Jack Ruby who visited them in the motel room.

When Hunt’s attorney asked her who the men in the convoy were, she named the aforementioned party plus brothers Novo and Pedro Diaz Lenz. This testimony is astonishing because it gives us the names of key assassins in the plot.

Marita also testified that Guillermo and Ignacio Novo were also accomplices to the assassination – brothers who later murdered Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt in 1976. The former was foreign minister under Salvador Allende who was deposed and murdered in a CIA coup in 1973, while the latter was an American woman working to bring democracy to Chile.

What is even more interesting about the Novo brothers is that they were working under James Buckley, a former senator and judge with deep intelligence connections, and brother of spook William Buckley, to murder these people.

After the trial, Lane found Hemming with whom he shared the details of the testimony. He confirmed it with the correction already noted parenthetically above.

James Douglass reports in his fabulous book, The Assassination of John F Kennedy and Why It Matters, witnesses who saw someone – Jack Ruby - positioning firearms at the underpass. Indeed, he was positioning the weapons – which contained small arms to machine guns – he obtained from Sturgis the night before at at motel where Marita was briefly located on 11/21. Jacky Ruby was intimately involved with underworld mobsters.

The wonderful benefit of including the mob in the plot is that the CIA could create more confusion and deniability for its part by sending historians down another rabbit hole in pursuit of the mob. Indeed, one recent book’s thesis is that the mob masterminded the assassination – a contention so retarded as to leave one wondering if the author of that book has even a GED.

If you have been living under a rock, as I had been, and not known the details of the Liberty Lobby case, you would never know that a jury determined for court record that the CIA indeed murdered the president of the United States in broad daylight.

Last Word, Mark Lane
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scott Kaiser in his book:
Eugenio Martinez is dad's book .
later retracts it says he not in book.
but Eugenio Saldivar is the one.
that Tony Cuesta and Eugenio are the
ones that were in dallas 11-22-63 hitmen.
Luis Posada Carrilies is in his dad's book.
later retracts say he not dad's book. Kaiser retracts what he says in book?
James Files say he was dallas 11-22-63.
Charles Harrelson gave confession.
later Charles Harrelson retract his story.
Even if all the cubans are in Edwin book.
It still doesn't say theyve confess did deed?
Scott said Dad Edwin gone all day 11-22-63.
Sonia said Edwin didnt tell her what did that day.
but that not unusual cause he didnt tell her things.
So Kaiser book only says Edwin friends cubans?