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Watergate 40 Years Later

Americans of a certain age will readily recall the perfervid and rabid newscasts of 1972-74 which led to the toppling of another American president on August 9, 1974. While we may have jumped the retrospective gun, we do so because our thoughts were so directed by a fabulous book which supports our earlier thesis about the origins of the plot to depose President Nixon. In short, Nixon’s fabled paranoia was well justified. Nasty people in the military-industrial-complex were out to get him.

Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin began the long overdue Watergate revisionism in 1991 with their blockbuster book, Silent Coup: The Removal of a President. The book paints a picture of Richard Nixon as an unwitting accomplice in a byzantine plot to remove him from office.

Subsequent research published on their website ups the ante by adding several additional fascinating facts which support a modified version of the thesis. The new thesis retains the plot to remove Nixon but adds that Nixon willfully engaged in obstruction of justice to protect his presidency when John Dean failed to write the exonerating document Nixon had requested.

The authors also expose John Dean as an unscrupulous dishonest political whore who was treacherous to his boss and who engages in incessant legal battles to silence his enemies. But this is old news to those who watched the smarmy Dean performance in front of the Ervin Commission. G Gordon Liddy calls Dean a “serial perjurer” in his book Will.

Of equal interest is the exposure of Bob Woodward as a liar who goes to great lengths to deny his role as an intelligence officer for the US Navy in which capacity as briefer he regularly met with Colonel Alexander Haig. Woodward states, as reported on The Nixon Era Times, “When confronted with the question of if he had ever briefed anyone, he responded in the negative and added ‘I defy you to produce somebody who says I did the briefing, it's just — it's not true.’"

Unfortunately for the dishonest Woodward, the website (, produces testimony from Admiral Thomas Moorer, Pentagon spokesman Jerry Friedheim, and Secretary of Defense Melvyn Laird who all directly contradict Woodward’s brazen lie.

As Colodny and Gettlin have uncovered, Gordon Strachan and John Dean had prior knowledge of the Watergate break-in with the former being the immediate instigator of the deed. However, there is much more to the story than that for which we turn to Russ Baker.

Baker produced a monumental book, A Family of Secrets, which traces the evil deeds of the Bush Crime Syndicate. Of particular interest is the Watergate period which demonstrates that Nixon began to lose his hold on power almost from the moment he entered office.

Like John Kennedy before him, Nixon earned the ire of the big eastern and Texan oil interests with his threat to reduce or eliminate the oil depletion allowance. Like Kennedy before him, Nixon earned the distrust of the military-industrial-complex for bypassing the military and State department in his overtures toward the USSR and China.

One consequence of this, reported by Colodny and Gettlin, was the spy ring in the White House ordered by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer wherein numerous documents were stolen from the White House. Nixon’s failure to punish this act of treason doomed his presidency.

Finally, like Kennedy, Nixon faced an unruly CIA which defied presidential directives to release documents related to the Kennedy assassination. The CIA refused and decided that Nixon’s meddling would not go unpunished.

The same gang of CIA agents and operatives who waged the Bay of Pigs invasion, and who murdered  President Kennedy, also started the Watergate tragicomedy which unhinged Nixon’s presidency. The plot was rather simple – create a bumbled burglary aimed at a politically sensitive target – the Democrat National Committee headquarters at the Watergate – by CIA agents who did their best to get caught. But before doing so, insinuate a crack team of assassins and government topplers in the White House aka the Plumbers. Mix in Nixon’s paranoia with his adversarial stance toward the press nurtured by the fake Ellsberg psychiatrist office break-in and the fake leaked Pentagon papers and you have instant scandal of high decibel.

In short, the CIA removed Nixon from office. And just as with the murder of John Kennedy, George Bush was there to help it along.

And what about Deep Throat? Please don’t buy the cock and bull story about Mark Felt as Deep Throat. That story is more CIA disinformation to keep the public stupid and subdued. We previously published our estimate of this figure as being Alexander Haig, but it may well be, as Colodny and Gettlin surmise, a composite of several sources. In any event I suspect that Deep Throat got its name after Woodward or his CIA handler watched the 1972 porn movie of the same name starring Linda Lovelace. After all, CIA agents just want to have fun.

Baker reports that Director of CIA Richard Helms personally placed E Howard Hunt in a CIA public relations front company after Watergate at his GS-15 pay grade. This, to me, is the smoking gun which proves that the CIA – acting on orders from the plutocrats – were directly responsible for the removal of Richard Nixon as president because, as James McCord put it, “He’s not one of us.”

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