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The Rosetta Stone To American History, Part 2

In our previous posting on the explanation of American history, we noted the historical relationship between bankers and intelligence long established by the Bank of England since its charter in 1694. This specialty has grown profoundly yet surreptitiously over the centuries and spread to the great powers’ security apparatuses under the pretense of national security. In this installment of the series, we will present several instances of planned deliberate acts which were promulgated and/or executed by intelligence operatives working under the great plutocrats.

We wish to make it clear that the events outlined below are the direct actions of elite plutocrats operating on American soil as American citizens. These events are not accidents of history or the loss of control by the various parties to the episodes. Specific Americans – often in conjunction with foreigners – typically British - working to advance the cause of the plutocrats orchestrated these events as part of greater designs to amass more control over the nations in which they reside.
  • The Spanish American War (1898)
    Caused by a purportedly mysterious explosion, the sinking of the USS Maine was actually caused by a mine planted by American and Cuban agents, the result of which was the casus belli of the Spanish American War whose design was to enter America in the great colonial conquests and assert its equality with Europe. We have published previously on this subject.
  • The Income Tax (1913)The income tax was established to raise the great funds needed to fight global wars, limit competition to the robber barons, and massively expand the size and power of government. This stealthily implemented law was vigorously pursued by the same Rockefeller allied senators who brought us the Federal Reserve private banking cartel.
  • The Stock Market Crash and Great Depression (1929)The stock market crash of 1929 was engineered by the Federal Reserve after Benjamin Strong, the bankers’ banker died unexpectedly in 1928. Credit was cut off forcing a cascade of margin calls which resulted in the implosion of the stock market. The purpose was to depress prices so that the plutocrats could buy up property for pennies on the dollar. When they had completed their goal of vastly expanding the government and buying up competitors, the banksters turned on the money spigots again to inflate the value of their holdings.
  • Downing of the U2 (1960)We will publish special article on this fascinating subject.
  • The Assassination of John Kennedy (1963)John Kennedy was murdered by the military-industrial-complex (MIC) for numerous reasons including treason to his class, animosity to the CIA, softness on communism, opposition to escalation in Viet Nam, and opposition to the oil depletion allowance.

    The Rockefeller led plutocracy ordered the Bush managed CIA to remove Kennedy which the MIC troglodytes only too happily executed. The more compliant and war friendly Johnson was their replacement. 
  • The Assassination of Malcolm X (1965)Deemed a radical rabble rouser with uncouth religious ideas, the plutocrats trotted out another lone nut to eliminate Malcolm X.
  • The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr (1968)Fearful of a half million man march on Washington in May of 1968, Hoover, the US Army Delta Force, CIA, and Memphis police department moved to end King’s life. King had been long spied on by the bigoted Hoover and finally had enough of him. These findings were discovered in a 1999 civil suit brought by the King family against Lloyd Jowers, the bagman for the operation. Again, a lone nut was trotted out as the culprit.
  • The Assassination of Robert Kennedy (1968)

    Fearing a political dynasty, the Bush controlled CIA launched operation cleanup to remove Bobby Kennedy as a contender for president fearing that he would open up the whole “Bay of Pigs thing,” as Nixon so artfully put it. Besides, there was a general grudge against the Kennedy family which never die out – even with the murder of John Jr.

    Sirhan Sirhan, yet another lone nut, was an MK Ultra subject who was used as the ostensible assassin of RFK, yet the overwhelming forensic evidence points to Kennedy’s assigned body guard for the night as the murderer. The case is a fascinating study in mind control and psyops with the polka dot dressed lady one of the fascinating figures. 
  • The Political Assassination of Richard Nixon (1972-74)
    Richard Nixon suffered many of the same liabilities as Kennedy but with none of the assets. He considered abolition or reduction of the oil depletion allowance, d├ętente with the USSR and China, termination of the war in Viet Nam, and a pronounced interest in the “Bay of Pigs thing.” As James McCord put it, “He’s not one of us.”

    As we explain elsewhere, as has Russ Baker, Watergate was a covert operation of the CIA to topple a sitting president. The much more compliant Gerald Ford of Warren Commission fame was selected as successor with Nelson Rockefeller as his vice president.
  • The Attempted Assassination of Gerald R Ford (1975)
    Gerald Ford endured two assassination attempts in 1975. It is odd that the attempts failed and that the CIA would take out a team player. After all Ford had dutifully lied to the American people about the location of the rear bullet shot in John Kennedy’s back.

    However, Rockefeller disdained running for public office and asked, we surmise, his good friend George Bush to do another executive action on the president. I am sure that he found the task odious but put forth two half assed attempts with two MK Ultra subjects to comply with his friend’s wishes.
  • The Assassination of John Lennon (1980)
    The lone gunman trick was pulled out yet again – with the three named person to boot - to eliminate John Lennon who spoke way too much of peace and whose followers were too influential on politics. Strawberryfields.net published a fascinating article describing the murder of Lennon. Mark David Chapman was the MK Ultra subject who murdered Lennon with Bush in the thick of things again.
  • The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan (1981)Having so much success with lone nuts, the Bush controlled CIA brought out another MK Ultra subject, John Hinckley Jr to assassinate Reagan for the same reason Rockefeller wanted Ford assassinated – namely to assume the presidency. Like his friend Rockefeller, Bush disdained campaigning and felt that he should assume the office in regal fashion.
  • The Attacks of September 11, 2001 (2001)
    The attacks on the World Trade Centers and pentagon were perhaps the grand daddy of all intelligence operations the plutocrats ever undertook. Using a combination of foreign, Mossad, and CIA agents, the plutocrats ordered the destruction of the World Trade Center to eliminate unwelcome investigations of Enron which linked directly to George 41 and 43 by murdering the FBI agent John O’Neill who was uncovering the links, to destroy Enron evidence, and to vastly expand the totalitarian state through the Patriot Act.

    Nanothermite was used to destroy the towers in controlled demolitions while a missile was used to hit the pentagon.
We know that the above explanations will strike many as bizarre and kooky, but after studying the evidence, these explanations are the only reasonable ones for all of the violence inflicted upon America by a bunch spoiled punks.

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